GLENN I-5 Clean CA Orland Interchange Beautification

Project Description:

The Orland Interchange Beautification project will improve and upgrade the Interstate 5/State Route 32 interchange through artwork and unique honeycomb-like paving with materials like recycled glass. This interchange acts as a gateway to the City of Orland, The city is known as the Queen Bee Capital of North America for the queen bee breeding industry that calls it home. This project will enhance the community's identity through a public art project that reflects the unique personality of the city. Art in public spaces benefits the community by reducing graffiti and beautifying roadsides. Caltrans partnered with the City of Orland to create this beautification project that reflects the vibrant community of Orland. A public meeting was held in the City of Orland on 1/20/2021to discuss the beautification enhancements and sculpture proposal. Enhancements at the Interstate 5 and State Route 32 Interchange include:
Sculpture artwork in the Northbound and Southbound I-5 ramp areas.
Slope paving with enhanced beautification details at the overpass. This also applies as a safety measure for reduced Caltrans Maintenance exposure.

Project Location Map:

Map of Orland Interchange


 Bids Open May 17, 2022
Start of Construction July 19, 2022
Estimated Project Completion June 2024
Overall Total
Estimated Cost
$ 2,150,000 
Funding Source
 Clean California


Julio Torreiro-Casal (530) 812-4818,
Megan Reese (530) 682-6145,