North Region Construction - Project 03-2H3804: Construction on State Highway in Glenn County, in Willows at Route 162/5 Separation



Bid Date


County Route PM/KP



Install Pedestrian Lighting

Bidder Inquiry/Response 

1.) Inquiry:

Per Plan E-1, Note 3: Install Type 21 Electrolier on Existing Foundation on Bridge Rail. Will the Type 21 Mount to existing Anchor Bolts?

Will  SES-1 /SES-2 work be completed by others not involved in this project?

Will we be responsible for E-1, ED-1, EQ-1 which would indicate the existing foundation will already be installed?

Does the project allow Directional Boring of electrical conduit pathways per plans vs. open trenching?

Will work hours between 7pm-5am be allowed on the project?  

Can traffic over bridge be managed into flagged one way (single lane) for Lighting foundation, fence and other installations needed on Bridge?

Are there any plans available for what is required for fence and guard rail cut back and repair?

1.) Response: 

SES-1 and SES-2 are quite clear that the existing anchorage will not be used.   The existing anchorage is not adequate for current standards.  The location of the new pedestal/anchorage/luminaire is shifted from the location of the existing anchorage.  SES-2 shows anchorage that is completely different from existing anchorage.

No, work will not be completed by others.

Yes, You are responsible for plan sheets. The existing foundation will not already be installed.

Yes, It is optional.

See the TMP Lane Closure Charts.  Consult with the TMP office for additional information.

See the contract specifications.  Consult with the TMP office for additional information.

The idea is to save and reuse the existing fencing/ barrier railing.  The pedestal/ luminaire are behind the railing/fencing.   The removal of existing concrete barrier will include the connection of the metal railing to the concrete barrier.  SES-1 states to replace the bolts that anchor the railing to the concrete.

2.) Inquiry:

While the ADA is revising the Caltrans site, I have no clue how to navigate it.

Plan Sheet 4 of 16 (E-1), boxed note 2, states 1-1/2”C, Install 2#8.  It doesn’t state “Existing”.  Therefore, I would be inclined to install new conduit, even though I am sure the conduit is actually existing.  Am I correct in my view?  I have to ask this question.


2.) Response: 

E-1, Box 2:

This is an existing Conduit. The contractor will install 2#8 in the Existing Conduit.


3.) Inquiry:

Plan sheet E-1 (4 of 15) boxed Note 3 states “Install Type 21 pole on existing foundation”.  Sheets SES-1 & 2 show significant bridge rail & deck being removed & altered.  There is no mention of this in the Specials, construction sheets (E-1, nor EQ-1, or the list of Bid Items.  Unless directed otherwise, I will presume the contractor installs the electrolier on the existing, and nothing more.  Correct?


3.) Response: 

Contractor must modify the existing Foundation based on the Structure Plans SES-1 and SES-2 before installing Electrolier on the Foundation.