North Region Construction - Project 03-1G1001 Repair Bridge Abutment



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Repair Bridge Abutment

Bidder Inquiry / Response


Good afternoon regarding shoring, I don't see a detail I know is minimum but do you have a detail.


No detail will be provided. Temporary shoring required falls under the means and methods to complete work.  Bidder is directed to Sheet X-1, C-1, and Q-1 for additional information.


On sheet 2 of 11, the typical cross section calls out for Temp SHORING REQUIRED.  This excavation is +/-0.00’ -11’ each direction.  Please provide a detail, drawing and bid item for an acceptable shoring system. 


Detail and drawing for temporary shoring will not be provided as it falls under the means and methods to complete work.  Bidder is directed to Sheet C-1 for additional excavation details.  Temporary shoring is not a separate bid item as shown on Sheet Q-1 and is included in the various items of the work involved in excavation.


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