Extended Weekend Closures Scheduled for I-5 (12/02/2020)


Interstate 5

District:  District 3 - Marysville
Contact:  Dennis Keaton
Phone: (530) 741-5474 ; (916) 825-5252



Sacramento County — The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is continuing a series of Extended Weekend partial highway closures for the SAC 5 Corridor Enhancement Project in December.

This weekend’s construction work on Interstate 5 will continue with the closure of connector and on and off-ramps at the U.S. Highway 50 and I-5 Interchange near Downtown Sacramento.

Closures are set to begin at 8 p.m. Friday for the I-5 mainline and 9 p.m. for connectors, lasting through the weekend into early Monday morning.

Motorists traveling on I-5 and U.S. Hwy 50 should expect delays and plan for additional travel time.

Caltrans suggests using State Route 99, SR-51 (Capital City Freeway/ Business 80) and/or I-80 as alternate routes.


8 p.m. closure begin for Northbound and Southbound I-5 mainline and ramps. 9 p.m. closure begins for highway connectors on Friday, December 4 through 5 a.m. Monday, December 7.


Northbound Sac I-5 work will be done on the mainline outside two lanes (Lane #3 & #4). Outside lanes (Lane #3 & #4) will be closed from South of 25th Ave to north of Broadway, two left inside lanes (Lane #1 & #2) will remain open. Work will be done on the northbound I-5 connector to eastbound U.S. Hwy 50.

Sutterville Rd (Postmile 20.5)

South of Broadway Blvd (Postmile 22.3)




Southbound Sac I-5 work will be done on the mainline outside two lanes (Lane #3 & #4). The left two inside lanes (Lane #1 and #2) will remain open.

25th Ave (Postmile 19.9)

Seamas Ave (Postmile 19.3)


NB I-5 Off Ramp to Q Street

NB I-5 to EB 50 Connector Ramp

NB I-5 Off Ramp to Sutterville Rd

NB I-5 to EB 50 Connector Ramp

NB I-5 Off Ramp to Broadway Blvd

Left lane of SB I-5 to EB U.S. Hwy 50 Connector

SB I-5 Off Ramp to Seamas Ave

Seamas Ave On Ramp to SB I-5

Sutterville Rd On Ramp to SB I-5


The work is like previous 55-hour weekend construction performed and includes removing PCC pavement, roadway excavation, placing aggregate base, HMA paving, and striping.

The around the clock construction work will require heavy equipment and commercial trucking. Nearby residents can expect loud jack hammer noise and commercial truck back-up beeping noises during day and nighttime hours. The contractor is scheduled to remove pavement, perform roadway excavation, place aggregate base, and perform paving and striping.


The ongoing work is part of a $370 million project to rehabilitate 67-lane miles of roadway, build 23 miles of carpool lanes, add sound walls and improve the existing electrical and drainage systems. 

Motorists traveling through the work zone should expect lane restrictions and should be aware of commercial work vehicles traveling in and out of the area. The work zone speed limit has been reduced to 55 mph and the California Highway Patrol will be present for traffic enforcement. For more information on this project text 'FixSac5' to 81257 or visit FixSac5Caltrans encourages the public to follow construction updates on Twitter and Facebook @FixSac5.

Crews are scheduled to work in the construction zone during the day and night, and the speed limit has been reduced for the safety of workers and motorists. The speed limit will be enforced 24/7. Caltrans advises motorists to “Be Work Zone Alert” – someone’s loved one is at work.

Work is scheduled to begin as listed but subject to change due to traffic incidents, weather, availability of equipment and/ or materials, and construction related issues.

Check out Caltrans’ “Caltrans QuickMap” for current road conditions at QuickMap or download the QuickMap app from the App Store or Google Play.  Motorists also can call the California Highway Information Network automated phone service at 1-800-427-ROAD (7623).




Continue to Practice Social Distancing and Keep Washing Your Hands.