Tehama 5 Clear Recovery Zone

Tehama 5 CRZ

The Project:

The Tehama 5 Clear Recovery Zone (CRZ) project, in Tehama County on Interstate 5, will clear obstacles in the freeway recovery zone, allowing passengers that accidently leave the freeway a clearer path to return to the freeway.

Project Benefits:

This project will benefit motorists traveling through that stretch of Interstate 5, by removing obstacles in a recovery zone, creating a clearer path to recovery onto the freeway.

Project Includes:

Removing fixed objects from the CRZ, grading slopes within the CRZ, widen the left shoulder to 10 ft where there is a third lane, and provide some drainage work.

Current Project Schedule:

It is estimated this project will take 90 workings days, with 45 requiring light traffic control. Construction is scheduled to occur between April and June/July 2022.

Project Funding Estimates:

Project Cost: $5 million

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Project Manager: Mike Feakes

Public Information Officer: Kurt Villavicencio