Pit River Bridge Rehab/Replacement Project

Pit River Bridge


 The Pit River Bridge is the only interstate highway bridge owned by the federal government in the entire United States. The 80-year old bridge carries Interstate 5, the Union Pacific Railroad and Amtrak, over Shasta Lake north of Redding, California. The federal government wishes to relinquish ownership of the bridge beyond the year 2040. The United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), along with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are taking the lead on replacing or rehabilitating the highway portion of the bridge before the joint agreement to use and maintain the bridge expires in 2040. Funding options are being pursued to complete needed studies.


 Deficiencies in operations, safety, maintenance, and functional use.

The bridge owner, the Federal Government, wishes to relinquish ownership of the bridge prior to the expiration of the joint use "Maintenance and Operation Agreement" with the Union Pacific Rail Road in 2040.

Pit River Bridge Graphic


 Develop a reliable long-term crossing of Shasta Lake that addresses future operations, safety, maintenance, and structural needs. Long term (beyond 2040), the Interstate freeway lake crossing will not be owned by the federal government.

Two construction options are under consideration:

One option would rehabilitate and upgrade the existing bridge and approach roadways.

The second option is to completely replace the highway portion of the existing bridge with a new highway-only bridge on a new alignment.

Pit River Bridge Options

In both cases, the railroad will remain on the existing Pit River Bridge.

The following photos show the three proposed designs if the second option is selected:

Pit River Bridge Proposed Design 1

Pit River Bridge Proposed Design 2

Pit River Bridge Proposed Design 3


You can click here to download a fact sheet with more information regarding this project.

Or click here to view a recording of the virtual public meeting held on January 13, 2022.