Cromberg Combined Project on State Route 70

Cromberg Roadway Rehabilitation

The Project:

The Cromberg Combined project in Plumas County is on State Route (SR) 70 near Cromberg from 0.2 mile east of Gill Ranch Road to 0.2 mile west of Big Grizzly Creek Bridge.

Project Benefits:

The purpose of this project is to reduce the number of distressed lane-miles by restoring the roadway to a state where minimal maintenance is required, the ride quality is improved, and the service life of the existing highway will be extended for a minimum of 20 years.

Project Includes:

The existing pavement will be ground and recycled to create the base, which will elevate and improve vertical and horizontal curves along the roadway. Shoulders will also be widened to current standards providing more room for vehicle recovery. This project also includes upgrades to guard rail, bridge rail, existing ADA facilities and road connections. Work will also be done to repair, replace or install drainage systems and dikes, overlay the Park & Ride near the State Route 89 intersection, and more. There will be construction of new box culverts, work on rock fencing and electrical work. There will also be additional widening of the road near the Feather River Inn for an intersection improvement project that will be combined with this project. 

Current Project Schedule:

It is estimated this project will take 360 workings days, with all requiring traffic control. Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring of 2024.

Project Funding Estimates:

Project Cost: $90.8M 


Project Manager: Clint Burkenpas

Public Information Officer: Kurt Villavicencio