State Route 241/91 Tolled Express Lane Connector Project

California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) District 12, in cooperation with the Foothill Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency (F/ETCA) is proposing the State Route 241/State Route 91 (SR‐241/SR‐91) Tolled Express Lanes Connector Project (Proposed Project) to construct a median‐to‐median connector between SR‐241 and the tolled lanes in the median of SR‐91 (91 Express Lanes). 

The Proposed Project, located at the junction of SR‐241 and SR‐91 in the cities of Anaheim, Yorba Linda, and Corona and the counties of Orange and Riverside, would provide improved access between SR‐241 and SR‐91 and is proposed to be a tolled facility with a total length of approximately 8.7 miles. 

Currently, there is no direct connection between the SR‐241 toll road and the 91 Express Lanes. SR‐241 is a tolled facility, starting at the Oso Parkway interchange, in south Orange County, to its terminus at SR‐91. The existing SR‐241/SR‐91 interchange connects northbound SR‐241 to non‐tolled general purpose lanes of eastbound and westbound SR‐91 and the eastbound and westbound SR‐91 to southbound SR‐241.

Information in the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (FEIR/EIS) focuses on the environmental impact evaluation and proposed avoidance, minimization and/or mitigation of potential impacts associated with the proposed Build Alternative.

Anticipated Schedule

  • Approve Final Supplemental EIR/EIS: January 2020
  • Circulation of Final Supplemental EIR/EIS: January 2020 – February 2020 (extended to February 18, 2020)
  • Project Approval: February 2020
  • Record of Decision: March 2020
  • Final Design: Late 2020
  • Construction: 2021-2023

If you would like to make a comment through February 2020 and/or review the Draft Environmental Document, please send your comment(s) to


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