San Diego Freeway (I-405) Improvement Project

The Interstate 405 (I-405) Improvement Project proposes to widen the corridor by adding one general purpose (GP) lane in each direction between Euclid Street and I-605 and one tolled Express Lane in each direction between State Route 73 (SR-73) and State Route 22 (SR-22) east of I-405 to be managed jointly as a tolled Express Facility with two lanes in each direction between SR-73 and I-605. The objective is to open the tolled Express Lanes with a HOV2+ occupancy free to encourage rideshare and transit usage. Operational adjustments to the tolled Express Lanes may be implemented based on demand, rates of speed, traffic volumes, and to meet financial covenants, maintenance and operational obligations. The proposed action would improve the freeway mainline and interchanges on I-405 in Orange and Los Angeles counties for approximately 16 miles between 0.2-mile south of Bristol Street and 1.4 miles north of I-605, as well as portions of SR-22, SR-73, and I-605 to reduce congestion and improve lane continuity through the corridor.


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