Transportation Studies

District 11 maintains the most relevant and recent transportation studies on this web site.  This will be updated as new studies are completed or updated.

Freeway Cap Best Practices & SR-94 Cap Park Study 

Project Description

Freeway caps (also called decks) can enable additional uses for land already dedicated to transportation facilities. They can be used to create new parks in urban areas where vacant land is scarce and dense development exists adjacent to freeways.

Caltrans District 11, in coordination with SANDAG and the City of San Diego, worked with a consultant team to study recent developments and best practices for freeway caps, along with potential pros, cons and funding sources. Completed in late 2016, the study:

  • Assess the best practices of freeway cap projects.
  • Engaged the community to develop a vision that considers both the opportunities and challenges for a cap over State Route 94 (SR-94).