Active Transportation Planning and Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordination

District 11 is committed to advocating for the accommodation of all users of the State Highway System, with an emphasis on non-motorized modes of transportation from the early project planning and development phase through construction and maintenance.

The District's Active Transportation staff works with Caltrans, regional, and local agency staff to plan for and provide appropriate accommodation for bicyclists and pedestrians in and around Caltrans facilities, as well as facilitating and securing funding for state, local and regional non-motorized modal projects.

Bicycling and walking are both viable forms of transportation and excellent forms of exercise that help reduce your carbon footprint while lowering the number of single-occupant vehicles on the roadway.

It is the goal of Caltrans to fully consider the needs of non-motorized travelers in all programming, planning, maintenance, construction, operations, and project development activities and products as supported by Caltrans' Deputy Directive 64-R-2.