District 11 News

California State Route 163 icon

All lanes of southbound State Route 163 (SR-163) from Interstate 15 (I-15) to State Route 52 (SR-52) will close tonight from 11:30 p.m. to 4 a.m. for striping work, the closure includes the westbound SR-52 to southbound SR-163 con ...

California Interstate 8 and State Route 67 icons

Maintenance crews will close the southbound State Route 67 (SR-67) to eastbound Interstate 8 (I-8) connector Saturday from 3-8 a.m. for sign work

California Interstate 5 and State Route 78 icons

Maintenance crews will close the northbound Interstate 5 (I-5) connector to eastbound State Route 78 (SR-78) Saturday from 3-7 a.m. for electrical work