SR-52 Pavement Improvement and Auxiliary Lane Project

Project Overview

The project will reduce the uneven settlement of the pavement near Convoy Street, between Interstate 805 and State Route 163 and will add an eastbound auxiliary lane from Interstate 15 (I-15) to Santo Road.

The uneven settlement over the Old Miramar Landfill is causing uneven pavement conditions. Construction crews will place an asphalt overlay and perform ground improvement mitigation that will level the uneven pavement and improve ride quality. This will provide comfort and safety for drivers and ensure the structural performance of the pavement. Additionally, by implementing a long-term overlay solution with subsurface ground improvement, workers will not need to correct the uneven pavement using frequent emergency overlay projects.

Eastbound I-15 to Santo Road is experiencing approximately 6,000 vehicles per hour during peak travel periods.  The eastbound auxiliary lane is expecting to improve the operational flow of traffic as the I-15 connectors merge onto SR-52.

In addition, eight maintenance vehicle pullouts will be installed to reduce highway work exposure during landscaping activities, and 13 existing Metal Beam Guardrails (MBGR) will be upgraded to Midwest Guardrail Systems (MGS) with steel posts.


The estimated total project cost is $54 million funded through the Federal Highway Trust Fund and State Highway Fund.


Construction began in March 2024 with an estimate completion date of spring 2027.


  • Repair depressions in the pavement.
  • Improve ride quality.
  • Restore the roadway to a state of good repair.
  • Extend the life of the existing pavement.
  • Install an eastbound auxiliary lane to reduce congestion during peak hour traffic volumes.

Project Map. For more information, call (619) 688-6670 or email