SR-94/125 Interchange Project

State Route 94 to State Route 125 Interchange Project map (not to scale)Fact Sheet

Improving Freeway Access

Caltrans proposes to construct a direct freeway-to-freeway
connector from southbound State Route 125 (SR-125) to eastbound
State Route 94 (SR-94). The project extends more than two miles.
The new connector would pass under Panorama Drive, Echo Drive,
existing SR-125, Campo Road Overcrossing, the existing SR-94
Connectors to and from SR-125, and the eastbound off ramp to
Bancroft Drive. The new connector joins eastbound SR-94 west of
the Bancroft Drive Undercrossing.

Two auxiliary lanes will be added to the project. The first one would
be constructed along southbound SR-125 between Lemon Avenue
and the new connector to eastbound SR-94, which requires
reconstructing the Mariposa Street overcrossing. A second auxiliary
lane would be added along eastbound SR-94 between Bancroft
Drive and Kenwood Drive, which requires widening the Bancroft
Drive Undercrossing.

Easing Congestion

The portion of southbound SR-125 between the Lemon Avenue on-ramp and the Spring Street off-ramp carries approximately 83,400 vehicles a day with an average of 20,550 vehicles a day exiting at Spring Street. The proposed new freeway-to-freeway connector would eliminate the need for southbound SR-125 traffic to use Spring Street to connect to eastbound SR-94 and would reduce delays for the freeway and local street network.

The proposed project is expected to reduce the volume of traffic exiting from southbound SR-125 at Spring Street by more than 15,000 vehicles a day.

Funding and Schedule

The estimated total construction cost of the project is $108 million.

The environmental studies were completed summer 2015 at a cost of $6.8 million with a combination of funds from the State Transportation Congestion Relief Program (TCRP-$5 million) and TransNet funds (1.8 million) from the San Diego Association of
Governments. Project design began spring 2019 with funding provided by the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).
Right-of-Way acquisition and construction will be completed as funding becomes available.


  • Provide a freeway-to-freeway connection from southbound SR-125 to eastbound SR-94.
  • Reduce traffic congestion on local streets and
  • Improve traffic movement in the project area.


Project design began spring 2019 and will be completed summer 2022.


Project Manager

Brooke Emery
(619) 688-6495 

Exhibits from the July 28th Public Meeting

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