I-805/SR-15 Transit Only Connector and Managed Lanes Project

Project Overview

Project Map. For more information, call (619) 688-6670 or email CT.Public.Information.D11@dot.ca.gov

The I-805 is an integral part of the South Bay to Sorrento (SB2S) corridor, which is one of the most congested and heavily used corridors in San Diego County. Due to current patterns of congestion, transit operations are inefficient, rendering transit an unappealing alternative to single occupant vehicle usage. This project is a part of phase 2 for the I-805 South Express Lanes Project and promotes transit as an alternative mode of transportation by providing infrastructure allowing Rapid transit vehicles to bypass congestion through the I-805/SR-15 interchange. This project elevates transit as a more efficient mode of transportation and induces a modal shift from single occupant vehicles (SOVs). 

The Project proposes two main components: a transit only connector between I-805 and SR-15 and 2.2 centerline miles of High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes along I-805 between Market Street and Landis Street. These additions will improve existing Rapid transit Route 60 operations, enable the establishment of additional Rapid transit routes, provide equitable access for disadvantaged communities, promote safety, and decrease congestion. In addition, the Project will install noise mitigation throughout the corridor, active transportation improvements at Home Avenue, and landscaping improvements to benefit nearby communities. 

The project is and has been included in SANDAGs Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) since the need was initially identified in the I-805/I-5 Corridor Study in 2004. The project has evolved to minimize, both, highway widening and induced Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) and is consistent with the original vision of managed lanes. 

Project Funding and Schedule

Constructing the project is estimated to cost $360 million. SANDAG and Caltrans are working closely to develop a complete construction phase funding plan including grants from the regional, state, and federal government. This application is seeking $180 million in funding, representing 50 percent of the total estimate, from the National Infrastructure Project Assistance (MEGA) and the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) programs. Potential sources to fulfill the remaining 50 percent of funding ($180 million) are the statewide Solutions for Congested Corridors Program (SCCP), the Federal Rebuilding American Infrastructure for Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program, Transnet funding through the regional half-cent sales tax, a SANDAG-issued Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan to be reimbursed by Project toll revenue.

The Project is currently in the PS&E phase, which is anticipated for completion in Summer of 2025. Construction is anticipated to start in spring of 2026 if funding becomes available and finish in winter of 2030.

More Information

For more information, please contact Ramon Martinez, I-805 Corridor Project Manager at Ramon.Martinez@dot.ca.gov.