Steven Keck

Photo of Steven Keck

Deputy Director
Chief Financial Officer

Steven has been the Chief Financial Officer of the California Department of Transportation since 2018. Prior to taking on this challenging role, Steven had been the Chief Budget Officer of the Department for more than 8 years. With more than two decades experience in Caltrans Finance, Steven is recognized as a prominent expert in transportation funding.

As Chief Financial Officer, Steven has oversight over the Department’s Division of Accounting, Division of Budgets, and Division of Financial Programming as well as the Asset Management Program, the SB-1 Program, and the Road Charge Program. Steven started at Caltrans in 2000 when he began working on funding for the state’s extensive Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program. Since starting at Caltrans, he has held various roles in Finance, and acting District and Headquarters roles in other areas. Steven began his civil service career at the California Department Forestry and Fire Protection (now CalFire), managing the capital outlay program for facilities replacement.

Steven earned his degree in Resource Management from Humboldt State University in 1997 before beginning his career of civil service with the state of California in 1998. In his free time, he enjoys striving for “continuous improvement” at golf and tinkering with electronics and vintage watches.