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Dispute Resolution Board Candidates List


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    Chuck Suszko
    (916) 798-6029

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Name Brief Summary of Experience Job Locations willing to Travel to: Telephone No. E-mail Resume
Aaro, John

40 yrs experience, 35 with Caltrans. Over 150 projects as RE including $200 Million Interstate 680/24 Fwy Interchange. Jobs include major freeway realignment, structures, retaining walls, drainage, lighting systems, slide repair, & pavement rehab

(See note 1)

(See note 1) (See note 1) (See note 1)
Afanan Majid

28 years of civil engineering experiences with emphasis on construction contract management fo public works.  Diverse contract administration experiences including: new birdges, widening existing highways, interchanges, roadway rehabilitation, retaining walls, water supplies, buildings and drainage systems.

All of California

(951) 376-9658

zaid_2000@msn.com Yes
Aaro John

40 yrs experience, 35 with Caltrans. Over 150 projects as RE including $200 Million Interstate 680/24 Fwy Interchange. Jobs include major freeway realignment, structures, retaining walls, drainage, lighting systems, slide repair, & pavement rehab

(See note 1)

(See note 1)

(See note 1) (See note 1)
Anderson, Norman C. Over 40 yrs diversified experience in construction with a record of success in construction management, dispute resolution, dispute prevention and engineering. DRB member or project neutral on over 80 projects. Served as Contractor's and Agency's representative in dispute resolution. Anywhere in California (360) 754-3819 normananderson@msn.com Yes
Anziano, Tony Twenty-nine (29) Years of experience with Caltrans as both an Attorney and as a Program Manager of for a $9 Billion construction Program with minimal claims due to aggressive partnering and positive use of Dispute Resolution Boards. Anywhere in California (415) 279-8055 tanziano@yahoo.com Yes
Argue, Matthew Full-time construction Mediator/Arbitrator/DRB Member with over 20 years experience. Successfully resolved over 500 construction cases as lead mediator or arbitrator. Districts 7, 8,11, 12, and Alpine, Nevada, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara Counties. (800) 645-4874 mattargue@onemediator.net Yes
Asgari, Saeid A. 30 years of Resident, Sr. Resident Engineer, Construction Engineer and Construction Chief experience in D-11 and D-12. Over 250 projects totalling over $5 Billion. I have dealt with many types of disputes including differing site conditions, Potential claims and claims.  Orange, San Luis Obispo, San Bernadino, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles counties (949) 338-1961 saeid_a_asgari@yahoo.com Yes
Baker, William B. Civil Engineer, licensed in California, with more than 40 years experience in construction management. Arbitrator or mediator in several hundred construction cases. Served on 65 DRBs or DRAs, over 40 on Caltrans projects,over 30 serving as Chair. Past President and Board Member of Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF). DRBF and Caltrans DRB/DRA trainer. Anywhere in California (707) 253-8221 wbbaker1@comcast.net Yes
Barnett, Brett My experience is working with or for Caltrans for more than 25 years managing Resident Engineers and Structure Representatives or acting as a Senior Resident Engineer or Senior Structure Representative on projects from $50,000 to more than $1 Billion. Anywhere in California (949) 246-4472 bb45482@gmail.com Yes
Barron, Robert M Experienced in the General Engineering & Construction industry in California since 1963, Business Owner, doing major jobs such as Water Systems, Tanks and Pipelines of all types and sizes, Gas Pipelines, Sewers, Storm Drains, Roads & Paving, and Landfills. Locations between San Fernando Valley and Chico (805) 489-7268 or (805) 710-0216 (Cell) Karensqult@aol.com Yes
Bauer, Carl F. 50 years in the Construction Industry, including over 35 yrs as an executive. Participated in 47 DRBs, 17 as Chairman. Member of the DRBF Anywhere in California (916) 944-2843 c.bauer@sbcglobal.net Yes
Berning, Paul W. Construction lawyer for 27 years, representing contractors, design professionals, public and private owners. Experience includes new Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Eurotunnel, wide variety of other projects. Member of the American Arbitration Association's Roster of Neutrals for arbitrations and its Panel of Mediators. Significant design-build, EPC experience. All of California except counties of Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Tulare, or Ventura. (510) 863-8118 paulberning@paulberninglaw.com Yes
Biffel, Bob 37 years with Caltrans. Registered Civil Engineer with 24 yrs in Construction. Ex-Division of Construction District Coordinator for Districts 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11. I have been on 5 DRBs and have training for DRB Chairman. Districts 3 and 10 and Eastern District 4 & Solano Co. (209) 369-1819 bjbiffel@comcast.net Yes

Bocchicchio, Ken

Thirty-Four years of construction experience partnering with the Contractor and Local Agencies to build Great transportation projects for the people of California

Southern California

(949) 431-4266 bocchicchiodrb@cox.net Yes
Britt, Wm. Butch Civil Engr, licensed in CA, with over 40 yrs of worldwide construction administration and management experience. 17+ yrs as Director, Tranportation Dept for Co. of Ventura - over $90 million of construction contracts completed with zero contract claims proceeding to litigation. Experience reviewing and resolving claims and change orders in accordance with Public Contract Code, FHWA/Caltrans Local Program Policies and Procedures, and Federal Acquisition Regulations. Anywhere in California (805) 312-4895 wbbritt@gmail.com Yes
Brosamer, Mychal 25 years experience in construction industry. Primary responsibility throughout my career was claims management and dispute resolution. CPM scheduling expert and forensic cost analyst. Anywhere in California (480) 250-3880 mychal.brosamer@gmail.com Yes
Brown, Roger L. Roger L. Brown is the managing partner of the R Brown Consulting Group LLC, and has served in the engineering-construction industry for more than 50 years. 9 years with Cal Trans as field inspector and design engineer.  22 years for National Contractors from Project Mgr. to Senior VP constructing projects over 2 billion in volume. Projects included bridge structures, tunnel, light rail, pumping plant, marine facilities, dredging, and waste and water facilities. Over 20 yrs. as construction consultant serving as expert witness, arbitrator, mediator, estimator, scheduling, surety takeovers, and constructability reviews on over 200 projects of all types. Was Founding member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation and is past president of Executive Board. Served on over 60 DRB’s both as Chair and member of which over 50 % were highways Anywhere in California (503) 539-8814 roger@rbrowncg.com Yes
Brown, Rolland J. 39 1/2 yrs with Caltrans as Resident Engineer and Senior Construction Engineer on heavy grading and multi-stage highway projects including bridges. Handled CCO's and Claim Reports. Member of the DRB Foundation and actively working on DRB boards. Anywhere in California except LA Proper (805) 466-1900 brown5690@sbcglobal.net Yes
Buckley, Bob 28 years Caltrans Experience, District 2 Deputy for Design and Construction, North Region construction manager, Chief HQ Design and Local Programs, HQ Engineering Services Division Chief Anywhere in California (916) 541-4437 f150_hunter@sbcglobal.net (See Note 1)
Bullock, Warren 39 years heavy construction contracting experience. 60 DRBs both Owner and Contractor appointee, 28 as Chair. Public Works contracts in California 48, other States 12. Participated in 111 dispute hearings. Anywhere in California (707) 829-7822 warrenbullock54@comcast.net Yes
Burton, Bob 20 years as a Caltrans resident engineer on approximately 50 projects. The largest being the $36,000,000 Truckee bypass. District 3 (916) 759-0340 Bobburton325@comcast.net Yes
Carlson, William 40+ years heavy/highway experience. DRBF Presidents list. 25+ DRBs both owner & contractor appointee, 13 as chair. Member of the DRBF. Participated in dozens of dispute hearings. Anywhere in California (760) 742-3702 wjccal@aol.com Yes
Cherry, James J. (Jim) 45 years experience as a Real Estate and Construction litigator, negotiator and mediator.  My practice focuses on avoiding claims and litigation whenever possible by early intervention.  I have found that commencing negotiation, the DRB process or mediation in a construction dispute at the earliest opportunity no only saves time and money but is a significant factor in the successful resolution of the dispute. From the SF Bay Area to the Sierra Foothills and from Sacramento to Fresno (209) 532-1424 jim@jimcherrylaw.com Yes
Clough, Russell G. Construction Engineer specializing in dispute resolution. Served on numerous boards, teaches students & industry professionals to avoid and deal with conflict. Registered Geotechnical and Safety Engr. in Calif.; Certified Blaster, Tunnel Safety Rep, MSHA Rescue Team Leader, AGC Negotiating Committee, UTRC, ASCE life member. Within 100 miles of San Francisco Bay Area. Will consider other areas. (650) 814-0266 (Cell)
(650) 723-3926 Stanford
(650) 327-8734 Fax
russellgclough@gmail.com Yes
Cochetas, Danny Over 40 years construction experience, 22 years involving the management of Caltrans related projects. I have obtained an extensive understanding of Caltrans special provisions, drawings and the General Provisions. Anywhere in California (209) 768-3817 dan.cochetas@gmail.com Yes
Condon, Donald S. 37 years experience in construction. Managed major projects including earthwork, roads, retaining walls, underground utilities, buildings, mechanical and electrical systems and site work. Participated in a DRB as the owner's nominee. Experienced in partnering, dispute resolution, negotiations, mediations, arbitration, and litigation. Licensed Building Contractor, California. Anywhere in California (510) 467-2197 condon.don@gmail.com Yes
Connally, Patrick 36+ years with Caltrans. 21+ years in construction management. Managed up to $500 Million in on-going contracts (District 5). 15 years in Hwy. design (Office Chief). Participant in numerous Boards of Review (BORs), most as Chairman. Settled many high-profile claims through mediation, partnering, or legal negotiations during my career. Anywhere in California (805) 239-1101 pconnally805@charter.net Yes
Cornelius, Michael Registered Professional Civil Engineer with Masters Degree in Business. 34 years of heavy construction experience in estimating, project management, executive management an dispute management. All of California (760) 519-3891 michael@corneliusconsultants.com Yes
Coupe, Robert W. Over 30 years experience as a general contractor building Caltrans highway and bridge projects. Broad experience with contracts, specifications, technical construction challenges and project scheduling.  Anywhere in California (916) 919-2428 rwcoupe@rwc214.onmicrosoft.com Yes
Covello, Joseph More than 45 years working for both contractors and construction consultants. Projects include a wide variety including highways and bridges. Have served on numerous DRBs and as a DRA. SF Bay Area, Northern California (925) 933-2300 jcovello@covellogroup.com Yes

Dagher, Ghassan

Over 33 years of successful and progressive Construction/Contract and Project Management experience in the delivery of complex major and minor public work projects for the State of California, Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Parsons Corporation and the San Bernardino Association of Government (SANBAG).

All of California

(909) 477-0237

daghergn@yahoo.com Yes
Davila, Hector A licensed Civil Engineer with over 20 years of Caltrans Construction experience. I was the District 8 Constuction Deputy providing direction on all aspects of Highway/Transportation and structure projects. As a member of the statewide construction management board I provided construction expertise, dispute prevention and claim resolution on a multitude of projects ranging from $50,000 to $400 million. Anywhere in California (909) 677-8888 davila_clan@verizon.net Yes
Davis, Terry A. Licensed CA Civil Engineer with broad construction experience with Caltrans and other public agencies. As Caltrans Construction Manager, involved with many DRBs/DRAs, negotiated claims settlements, held claims hearings, involved in many Partnering contracts, used CPM schedules on many projects. Anywhere in California (707) 601-6113 terry@tjdavis.us Yes
Deines, Tom 36 years in a wide variety of construction roles, 33 in management, 29 in heavy civil projects for a variety of owners, including Caltrans, ODOT & WSDOT utilizing multiple delivery methods on over 120 projects totaling over $300 M in volume. Certified Constructin Administrator for 20 years, participant in TPN, mediation, alternate dispute resolution & claims. Anywhere in California (541) 285-4113 tntconsulting14@gmail.com Yes
Delaney, Stephen F. Independent consultant with 19 years experience consulting to the construction industry.  Extensive experience evaluating claims and project delays on highway and bridge projects. District 4 and parts of North Region (415) 713-2974 sfd@sfdelaneyconsulting.com Yes
Dettman, Kurt L. Oversaw 46 DRBs on the $15B “Big Dig” Project. Serves on 3 Ohio Dept of Transportation DRBs, writes articles on DRB practice, and conducts DRB training for transportation agencies. Has Caltrans DRB and DRA training. On DRBF's President's List. Anywhere in California (781) 749-2990 kdettman@c-adr.com Yes
Dodson, Raymond J. Retired from Guy F. Atkinson Construction in 1987 and currently perform Construction Consulting related to DRBs, arbitration, cost estimating, constructability reviews, value engineering, and expert witnessing. Served on over 80 DRBs (33 as Chair) and over 70 arbitrations on projects that include bridges, highways, tunnels, railroad facilities, buildings, and other infrastructure. District 4 (650) 366-6658 RayDodson@aol.com Yes
Donaldson, Paul R. 25 years in construction industry, managing multiple Caltrans projects. Practiced in claims management and dispute resolution. Experienced in partnering, dispute resolution, negotiations, mediations, and arbitration. District 4 and Lake, Mendocino, and Sacramento Counties (707) 953-9607 pdonaldson@aol.com Yes
Dunford, Ken Over 35 years construction of civil works for subdivisions, commercial developments, and heavy engineering projects. Was Project Manager, Operations VP, President and CEO of $30 million to $60 million per year heavy construction companies. Southern California (See Note 1) kdunford@aol.com Yes
Eng, Donald 45 years of experience in public works projects, as inspector, resident engineer, construction manager, project manager, designer, etc. Registered Civil Engineer and licensed contractor, state of California. Chief (retired) of Construction Management, City and County of San Francisco. Served as DRB member for 2 Caltrans projects. CM over major complex multi-discipline projects and small projects including; dams, reservoirs, water transmission and distribution pipeline systems, roadway and highway construction, bridges, tunnels, underground utilities, high voltage power stations, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, seismic retrofits, hospitals, libraries, fire stations, police stations, jails, office buildings, recreation centers, schools, swimming pools, parks, mass transit railway, traffic signals, street lighting and fueling stations. 41 years in construction contract negotiations and dispute resolution. Member of DRBF Northern California (650) 257-0711 donald.j.eng@gmail.com Yes
Erickson, Greg Excelled in creating solutions with Owners and General Contractors without claims. Well versed in roadway construction, with significant exposure to and knowledge of structures. Anywhere in California (626) 665-1443 guardrail1942@gmail.com Yes
Erickson, Randall L. Served as an arbitrator/mediator in over 100 matters and has served as an arbitrator and mediator on myriad CALTRANS disputes and appointed to DRB panels. He is experienced in vertical, highway, underground, bridge and dam/reservoir/marine construction. He has been recognized as a California Superlawyer since 2006. Anywhere in California (949) 263-8400 Randall@MediatingUSA.com Yes

Eshghipour, Nader

22 years of experience in construction management and 8 years as an executive manager, Division of Maintenance in District 4. Managed complex construction contracts, claims resolution, active participant at DRB meetings.  Experience in earth moving, foundations, earth retaining systems, concrete and AC pavement, stage construction, underground facilities, bridge and tunnels.

All of California

(925) 768-9237


Fagone, Philip Civil Engineer and Construction Attorney with 39 yrs experience overseeing highway and bridge projects, managing building construction projects - including Caltrans District 4 Headquarters building and including CM/GC and Design-Build projects, and mediating or arbitrating over 200 disputes District 4 (650) 654-0574 philip.fagone@alum.wpi.edu Yes
Felice, Conrad A registered professional civil engineer with 37 years of direct project experience in heavy civil infrastructure built with traditional and alternative delivery contracts. Experienced in contract and risk management as an owner, contractor, and designer. All of California (425) 753-3316 conrad.felice@cwfelicellc.com Yes
Feller, Jack Over 100 DRBs as Chairman & Member. Caltrans DRB, DRA, and Chairman. Trainer and member of DRBF Board of Directors. Have BSCE and over 50 years in heavy construction of highways, bridges, tunnels, etc. Northern California (530) 273-6503 jlfeller14@att.net Yes
Fichtelman, Troy R. 27 yrs experience in Public Works contracting. This experience includes contract administration and management, financial management, Arbitrator, Mediator, DRB Member or Chair for Government agencies and private firms All of California (760) 212-8487 troy.fichtelman@cox.net Yes
Flaherty, Keith Senior Resident Engineer for Caltrans and Local Agencies on large scale highway and bridge projects. Claaims and scheduling consultant for major projects in Caltrans - District 10. Anywhere in California (916) 826-3943 keith.flaherty@gmail.com Yes
Foley, James W. 40+ years engineering & construction: bridges, highways, streets, rail, signals, streetlights, sewers, drains, pipelines, tunnels, excavations, foundations, buildings. 30+ years DRB/DRAs, arbitrations, mediations, project neutral. Licensed CE/SE/GE. Licensed Contractor A&B. Anywhere in California (Near an Airport), Prefer Northern California (408) 777-9917 jim@jimfoley.com Yes
Francisco, Richard L. Membership DRBF since 2002; Ret. DRBF Country Rep. for Viet Nam; Attended 8 DRBF Workshops; Caltrans Workshop 2007; 45 years Construction Management, Structures and some Transportation. Northern California (208) 938-9269 dickfrancisco65@hotmail.com Yes
Franklin, Ruth Civil Engineer since 1985, Design Experience: highways, major roads, excavations, underground utilities, major storm drain systems. 20 yrs Arbitration/Mediator on major construction disputes, Attorney CA/AZ/UT; 15 DRBs - private All of California (602) 459-0323 rfranklin@holdenwillits.com Yes
Freeman, Dan I have 28 years of experience with Caltrans working directly with dispute resolution in a variety of roles. At Caltrans I have served as a Structure Representative, Resident Engineer, Construction Office Chief, and Deputy District Director of the Construction Division in District 7 as well as Deputy District Director of the Maintenance Division in District 7. Throughout all of my experience I have been involved in dispute resolution in one way or another Served as Boad of Review member for Caltrans projects in District 7, 8,11,and 12 As Deputy District Director worked closely with Headquarters Construction and the Legal Division to resolve construction project claims. Anywhere in California (562)925-2928


Gale, Dean Has 35+ years of construction industry experience, worked for both Contractors and Owners, and completed a wide range of building project and civil project types. Districts 7, 8, 11, & 12 (949) 293-2223 Dean.Gale@DGConstruction.com Yes
George, Phil Multiple DRB's & DRA's (all decisions accepted);  Partnering Facilitator (>200 sessions on > 60 projects), Contractor/Engineer since '76 on private, Local, CA, NV & Federal (FHWA, BuRec, BIA, USFS, NRCS, COE) General & Heavy Engineering Projects (dams, bridges, fwys, airports & matl's prod'n) in 10 Western States. Focus on claims avoidance & early resolution via DRB and Partnering to enable good working relations between the parties. Anywhere in California (530) 949-8768 phil.grg@gmail.com Yes
Gilfillan, G.W. (Bill) With 55 years in the construction industry from Site Superintendent to high executive office, I have dealt successfully with all levels of contract administration. Districts 7 and 8, and San Diego and San Luis Obispo Counties. (415) 331-2046
(415) 254-4442 (Cell)
Bgilfillan@dutragroup.com Yes
Gladych, John A. For the past 20 years, my law practice has focused primarily on the resolution of complex heavy bridge, foundation, and road construction disputes. I am a member of the approved arbitrators for the California Office of Administrative Hearings, Public Works Contract Arbitration Panel. Districts 8, 12 and LA, Riverside, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties. (949) 678-1234 John@Gladychlaw.com Yes
Goldsmith, Andrew A. Handled over 200 construction disputes. Experience: Construction management, estimator, and scheduler. Built bridges, roads, dams, powerhouse, and infrastructures. Worked with DOT's in eight southern states. All of California (210) 568-7589 aagold@cms-tx.us Yes
Goode, John W. 40+ years experience in heavy, highway and marine construction. Anywhere in California (858) 699-5355 (cell) jonybgd1@gmail.com Yes
Graebe, Fred Engineer,Attorney: Caltrans - 20 years construction engineer, 29 years attorney in construction claims resolution. Was certified Arbitrator. DRB member/chairman on 44 projects (34 Caltrans). Northern California (916) 443-7219 Fgraebe@aol.com Yes
Graham, Bob 42 years  experience, 37 with Caltrans in highway design, maintenance, construction and 5 years with Bechtel Corporation.  Served on 8 DRB boards, certified for  Mediation for Conflict Management. Within 150 miles from San Francisco Bay Area, unless special arrangements are made. (650) 967-9115 grahamre@comcast.net (See Note 1)
Haag, Alan 32 years in California highway construction and associated fields with Caltrans.  My  practical experience in the Construction field has reinforced the importance of resolving construction contract issues at the lowest administrative level in order to minimize costs and delays.  For 23 years, I was the Senior Construction Engineer in Santa Barbara County for Caltrans Central Region, District 5, recently retiring in Dec. 2015. Anywhere in California (805) 534-3895 ARHAAG@SBCGLOBAL.NET Yes
Hamamoto, H. Tony Three decades resolving claims: from design and specification issues to differing site conditions to loss of efficiency. Both roadways and structures. Also worked as a project scheduler and estimator. Anywhere in California (530) 642-9132 hatchandhama@sbcglobal.net Yes
Hannigan, James BSCE, PE, QSP; 26 yrs. experience: Caltrans OSD, OSC, and Consultant; Extensive experience including: Dewatering, Piling, & Permitting issues on Bridge and Roadway projects to $100 mil., Construction & Engineering Mgr., and Acting DBOM (1mo.) on Ca. High Speed Rail (1.2Bil) Napa, San Mateo, Sacramento, and San Joaquin Cos., Districts 5, 6 (except Madera Co.), 7, 8, 9 (except Mono Co.), 11, 12. (760) 623-5561 Jim.Hannigan1@verizon.net Yes
Harmon, Clay C. 30 + years experience as a Sr. Manager, Contractor, California Civil Engineer: Bid-Build / Design Build - highway, bridges, dams & light rail. Anywhere in California (559) 641-6826 c.harmon@me.com Yes
Harris, Bourke, W. 40 yrs experience as employee and contractor on structural steel work (Bridges, Buildings, Retrofits). Registered Civil Engineer and Inactive Member of the California Bar (former Arbitrator) Anywhere in California (925) 376-0350
(510) 812-5054 Cell
williambharris@comcast.net Yes
Harris, Guy G. Professional Civil Engineer, Expert Witness, CPM Scheduler, Construction Claims Resolver, Contract Administrator, Specifications Writer, Farmer, Mechanic, Fabricator. Anywhere in California (530) 701-2360 guygharris@yahoo.com Yes
Hawley, Dave 40 yrs construction experience as both contractor and owner's representative on both traditional and design build heavy highway, marine, and flood control work. Districts 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9,11, 12 (619) 864-3772 hawleyent@gmail.com Yes
Hegab, Mohamed Over 20 years’ experience in construction industry mainly in claims management, CPM scheduling analysis, and forensic cost analysis. Professor and head of the CM program at CSUN.  PE, PMP, CCM, and chartered quantity surveyor. Special experience and knowledge of Design-Build and Public Private Partnership (PPP) (P3) delivery methods. Currently on DRB of one of Caltrans’ biggest projects. Anywhere in California (818) 441-1055 mhegab@capmc.net Yes
Heine, Amy S. 20 years’ experience in Construction Industry representing both the Owner and the Contractor on large complex bridge, tunnel, marine and roadway contracts across the nation..  Extensive experience in Project Management, Project Scheduling, Bid Schedule Preparation, Claims, Expert Witness, Design-Build Proposal Preparation Consulting.  Worked as a Project Controls Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Engineer and Estimator.  All of California (410) 609-6338
(410) 533-1833 cell
aheine@hhaconsulting.com Yes
Himick, Daniel Former President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of C.C. Myers, Inc., a California based 100% employee owned (ESOP) Heavy Highway and Bridge Construction Company. Implemented state of the art estimating, accounting and management best practices. Avid advocate of Partnering and introduced partnering policies into the core values of the company.  Worked with Owners to develop their own programs. During his tenure, the company had no litigation against any owner and resolved any and all issues before contract completion.  Knowledge and experience in advanced geotechnical construction practices, estimating, the preparation and negotiation of general contracts and subcontracts, costs controls and accounting, claims preparation and negotiations, marketing and business development. Anywhere in California (916) 919-1672 De5.himick@gmail.com Yes
Hinton, Wilburt "Bill" Experience as an Engineer in the Seabees. Chief bridge engineer at private consulting company. Worked on bridges, power plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, mining facilities, schools and high rise office buildings. Strang background in engineering and construction and a good foundation in management and administration. All of California (303) 355-6988 seabee1111@msn.com Yes
Hodge, Dean Professional civil engineer and licensed contractor with over thirty five years of construction experience.  Expertise in estimating, bidding, scheduling and project management of building, engineering and heavy construction. Projects include flood control, highway and bridge construction for municipal, state and federal agencies. Building construction management assignments have included water treatment, educational facilities and municipal buildings. Most of Northern and Central California (530) 672-1061 dean-hodge@sbcglobal.net Yes
Holen, Douglas Over 30 years experience in planning, design and construction of Public Works.  Have served on or Chaired DRBs for both building and transportation projects. Coastal areas south of Humbold Co., Central Valley, and Southern California (505) 670-3301 dholen@comcast.net Yes
Holt, Ernie Served on 60 DRBs, Chaired 4, 4 DRAs; DRB Experience on Bridge, SFOBB, Highway, Building, Airport, &Light Rail Construction, DRBF/Caltrans Trainer 2008-2010, 40 Yrs. Caltrans Construction. Anywhere in California (925) 798-5592 eeholt@earthlink.net Yes
Howze, Kevin Licensed civil engineer in California with over 30 years of experience in public works contracting. Fifteen years preparing plans & specifications for road & bridge improvement projects.  17 years of construction contract administration, all with Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works. Experience with retrofits (13 highway bridges), new  bridge construction with driven pile or CIDH foundations, large grading/earthmoving projects buildings, signalized intersections and slide repairs.  Very familiar with Caltrans Standard Specifications and Special Provisions. Practiced at dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration. Anywhere in California  (707) 484-2693 kevinhowze@sbcglobal.net Yes
Hughes, Ed 42 years of construction experience, Dillingham, Kasler, Washington Construction and Morrison Knudsen. Construction Consultant 1998-2009. Participant in 17 DRB's, 3 as chairman. BSCE Southern California, San Francisco, and Sacramento (602) 300-3364 edhughes4@msn.com Yes
Hunt, John S. Moved from Jr. Estimator to Chief Engr and Alaska Mgr during 11 yrs in heavy highway field. 31 yrs assisting contractors, owners, designers, sureties, and attorneys evaluate, defend, prepare and present construction claims including Diff Site Cond, delays, impact and inefficiency, defective design, and construction defects.  Parts of District 4 (360) 293-0525 johnshunt@comcast.net Yes
Hurtado, Jose L. Over 40 years experience. Designer, Constractor, Owner, City Engineer, and Construction Manager for rail facilities, steel facilities, design build projest, dams, roads, canals, and bridges.  Anywhere in California (760) 789-5245 handhcms@yahoo.com Yes
Immel, Jack F. 10 yrs Heavy Highway Construction Consultant, Dispute Resolution Board, Expert Witness for Caltrans Legal Division, Prime Contractors, and Contractors State License Board (Industry Expert), Hazardous Waste Supervisor, Adjunct Professor Caltrans Estimating (Graduate CE Course @ USC 5 years), Contractors License A532727. 45 years (VP, Operations Manager, Project Manager, Senior Estimator) of Upper Management Supervision (Griffith Company, Granite Construction, A. J. Diani and Sully Miller): 40 % Heavy Highway Estimating, 60 % Heavy Highway (Freeway and Bridge) Site Construction. Anywhere in California (909) 336-1991
(949) 981-0633
jv321immel@gmail.com Yes
Irwin, Don Resident Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the building/civil/highway and rail projects.  Executive for Construction Company.  AAA Arbitrator since 1994 and been serving on DRB boards since 2002.  Experience in Design Build, CM/GC and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) All of California (503) 869-3653 donirwinadr@gmail.com Yes
Jacobs, Bob Forty (40) years with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), Bay Area, in design, construction, project management.  Deputy District Director for Maintenance and Toll Bridges for the nine Bay Area Counties. Served on 16 DRB boards on Caltrans projects, 6 as Chairperson. Projects have ranged from the $60 million Route 24/680 interchange to smaller interchange and widening projects. Other projects were the seismic retrofit of the Posey/Webster Tube in Oakland/Alameda and the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco and the construction of the New Benicia Bridge Toll Facility which included the administration building, toll plaza and toll booths. District 4 (415) 731-4393 pat_bob@prodigy.net Yes
Jacobs, John 45 yrs construction experience for contractor and owner - 35 years with Dillingham/Gordon H. BAll of CA and Kiewit. Heavy, highway, underground and building projects. Positions include Project Engineer/Manager, Estimator, VP Operations, and President/CEO. Served on 16 DRBs as a Member (14) and Chairman (2) District 4 (925) 314-9599 jacobsconsult@gmail.com Yes
Jardin, Manuel 50 years experience in the construction industry, including 42 years as a General Engineering Contractor. Have participated in 13 DRBs/DRAs (3 Disputes).
Member of and Trainer for the DRBF.
Anywhere in California (916) 927-2923 mcjardin@msn.com Yes
Jess,Garry "Bud" 41 yrs experience in field engineering, contract administration, claims analysis, project management, and dispute resolution, for design, design/build, negotiated procurement and design/bid/build construction projects ranging in value from $25k to $150 million. All of California (213) 369-1867 bud.jess@yahoo.com Yes
Johnston, Bryce

28 years in Construction Management, State Highway system. Managing construction contracts for Caltrans and regional agencies up to $200 million in value.

Anywhere in California (760) 269-5150 bryce@betkon.com Yes
Jones, Jeff

35 years of experience in the construction industry, 29 years as the owner of a General Engineering Construction Company. Specializing in structural concrete and infrastructure construction. Have served on or am currently serving on 12 DRB's, with 2 of those being as Chairman.

All of California (408) 858-7714 jeffjonesbros@aol.com Yes
Johns, Gary 43 years of construction experience, retiring from Teichert Constrcution in 2013 as VP of estimating. I have experience in management positions on highways, bridges, airports, and levees with involvement in change orders, owner negotiations, claim resolutions, A+B bids, and Joint Venture bides. Anywhere in California 530) 304-2470 garyj.srcdavis@gmail.com Yes
Jones, Richard "Rick" Retired (35 yrs) as a Field Engineer w/ Bureau of Reclamation for construction of earthen and RCC dams, including settling claims, modifications, Value Engineering and Constructability Anywhere in California (707) 829-5117
Cell: (707) 889-3287
rjonescivilconsultant@netscape.com Yes
Jozwick, John Theodore Provide expert litigation support, and ADR services to owners, contractors, attorneys and others in construction projects and disputes. 30 yrs in construction as an Engineer, Construction Rep, Attorney, Expert Witness, and ADR Provider. 20+ yrs resolving construction disputes. Dispute resolution experience: bridges, roads, transit, infrastructure, civil, office, commercial, industrial, and more. All of California (602) 443-4848 john.jozwick@us.rlb.com Yes
Kamine, Bernard Chaired 3 DRB (Caltrans, LA Blue Line, Reno ReTRAC), arbitrated/mediated 200 construction cases for state and AAA, construction lawyer over 35 years. Within 100 miles of LA or major airport elsewhere in California. (213) 972-0119 BSKamine@KamineConstructionLaw.com Yes
Kamine, Marcia H. I have arbitrated over 400 matters for the American Arbitration Association Construction Law Panel. I have represented Los Angeles City on public works construction claims since 1981. Anywhere in California (310) 489-5095 bentov@aol.com Yes
Kanaan Majdi 33-years of multi-disciplined structural engineering experience in the design and construction management of transportation projects in California and Nevada. Experience with new bridges, bridge replacements, light rail transit structures, tunnels design/build projects and seismic retrofits. Expertise includes preliminary engineering, final design, specification writing, cost estimating, value engineering, falsework design, contract administration and contract management. Anywhere in California (916) 768-8154 mkanaan@adkoengineering.com Yes
Kayser, Ken 36 yrs experience in the construction of roads, interchanges, and bridges. Have held a wide variety of management positions from Project Manager to Company President. Focus on early claims resolution and avoidance. All of California (916) 296-6554 kenakayser@gmail.com Yes
Kaplan, Joseph 49 Years Contractor experience. Heavy, infrastructure, marine, building construction. Graduate/Licensed Civil Engineer. Involved in dispute resolution and avoidance forums. Expert witness in construction legal proceedings. Anywhere in California (650) 588-9866 jkicont@ix.netcom.com Yes
Keating, Joseph M 40 yrs experience working for engineers/contractors in all phases of heavy construction work. Since 1973 have worked as a consulting engineer in estimating, project planning, design, value engineering. 12 DRBs as Member/Chairman (22 Disputes). Trainer for DRB Foundation. Northern California and Eastern Sierras (530) 622-9013
(530) 305-1370 cell
joekeating@sbcglobal.net Yes
Khan, Mohammed. Mr. Khan has 36 years of experience overseeing all phases of multimillion-dollar design, construction, and maintenance of major transportation projects for government and private-sector organizations. Construction Manager and Design Engineer with Caltrans District 11 and-the private sector. Strong credentials and proven history of on-time, on-budget, and high quality project delivery of major transportation projects with over $750 million in construction costs. He has directed multiple projects to successful completion through effective management and team collaboration, and has the proven ability to train, evaluate, motivate, and lead large and successful teams. Anywhere in California (858) 956-9189 ark356@yahoo.com Yes
Koffman, Henry M. I am a Professional Engineer (PE) for the last 48 yrs. I am an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for 20 yrs. I have served on Caltrans Dispute Resolution Boards. I have 30 yrs industry experience and 22 yrs as a Professor and Director at the University of Southern California. Anywhere in California (213) 740-0556 koffman@usc.edu Yes
Konrath, Joseph "Paul" 46 years in the Construction Industry, including 30 years in management and supervisory positions. Served on numerous DRB boards and DRA. DRBF and DRA Certified. All of California (661) 477-2201 jpk1940@sbcglobal.net No
Kovtynovich, Dan 31 plus year career as a Civil &Geotechnical Engineer, Contractor &Developer owning &managing a heavy multi-disciplined civil &mechanical construction company. Anywhere in California (503) 636-5503 Dan@kovtyinc.com Yes
Larkin, Brian J. Extensive experience in analysis and settlement of claims for Owners and Contractors, including expert witness testimony at trial. DRB experience for tunneling work. Anywhere in California (415) 810-7840 brian@brianjlarkin.com Yes
Larrabee, Merle 41+ total years with Caltrans. 28+ in Hwy. Construction (Surveys to Div. Chief). Participant in numerous DRBF Workshops. Served or serving on 45 DRB’s - Chairman of 15. Southern Dist 1, Southern Dist 2, Dist 3, Dist 4, Northern Dist 5, Northern Dist 6, Dist 10 (916) 685-5825 larrabee@surewest.net Yes
Larsen, Lynn 40 years experience in highway, bridges, structures and other heavy engineering and building projects as an attorney, claims consultant, construction manager, and damages expert. Skilled in CPM analysis, cost evaluations, and interpretation of construction contracts. In 1982-83, served as chairman of AGC of California Legal Advisory Committee. 2015-2016 President of Utah Chapter of AACE, Int. Now work as an AAA arbitrator, CDRS neutral, DRB member, claims consultant, and expert witness in construction contract disputes. Anywhere in California (801) 541-9155 lynn@larsenanalytics.com Yes
Leja, Mark 31 years with Caltrans in various engineering, management, and leadership positions. Former Chief of Construction, Chief of Design, and District 10 Director. Partnering Champion committed to collaborative dispute resolution that is timely and fair. Anywhere in California (530) 329-4668 markleja530@gmail.com Yes
Leslie, Robert L 35 years experience in construction dispute resolution, primarily heavy highway. Attorney in California and DC; EIT from Pennsylvania and California. Anywhere in California (510) 465-7100 rll@mcinerney-dillon.com No
Lewis, Richard A. 32 yrs. with Granite Construction's Heavy Construction Division as Project Manager, Area Manager, and Vice President. An advocate of DRB's and Partnering since their inception. Have served on 40 DRB's and DRA's, more that 15 as chairman. Southern California (760) 839-0859 dicklewis1@cox.net Yes
Lloyd, Thomas M. Licensed Civil Engineer (PA) has broad construction experience with major excavation, concrete, and erection of major components through hands-on work on locks, dams, cofferdams, and a nuclear plant. Involved in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution since 1978. Anywhere in California (916) 989-2249 tomlpcci@aol.com Yes
Maasberg, Ron 40 Yrs with Structures Construction, 2 years in the Army Corp of Engineers. Started in N. California in 1961 as an entry level engineer, retired in 1999 as Area Manager responsible for Structure Construction in SF, SM, SCL and ALA Counties. Served on 18 DRB’s to date. Northern California and San Diego (408) 253-3626 rmaasberg@sbcglobal.net Yes
Mace, Louis President S.J. Groves & Sons Co. Experience in Highways, Bridges, Hydro-electric plants RCC dam construction. Waste & Water Treatment Plants. Registered professional engineer, Twelve years experience in DRB's as chairman and member. Southern California (760) 321-2774 loumace@aol.com Yes
Madewell, Charles J. Licensed Civil Engineer and Contractor with 40 years construction experience as manager and executive, contractor and owner. Experience includes most California Toll Bridges. Anywhere in California (925) 216-3429 cjmadewell@sbcglobal.net Yes
Malpasuto, Joseph C. Construction Neutral for disputes relating to design defects, extra work, delays, CIDH work, underground construction regarding sewers, utilities and storm drains. Mediator since 1994, private practice since 1975. 16 years construction and asphalt/ready mix manufacturing business.   (213) 612-9900 jmalpasuto@bizbak.rr.com No
Martin, Jerry Forty-two years with Caltrans. Registered Civil Engineer. Construction Division Chief Headquarters’ Construction Coordinator. Construction Engineer. I have served as a member on over 35 DRBs and 3 DRAs. Anywhere in California, except remote areas of Districts 8 and 11 (916) 988-9243 j_m_martin95630@yahoo.com Yes
Martin, Jimmie Started in DRB process in 1995. To date have served on over 150 DRB or DRA boards, State and Federal. Many as Chairman. Central Valley, Central Coast, and Southern California to Bishop. (760) 345-0072 or (661) 303-9717 (Cell) (See Note 1) Yes
Martin, Thomas F. Over 50 yrs of heavy construction experience, 25 as contractor rep (C.E., P.E., & P.M) and 25 yrs as owner's rep (Area Mgr, R.E., Proj Director) on tunnels, shafts, levee repairs and similar work. DRBF member since 1996, experienced in claim prep, review, and resolution. Districts 1 and 2, Humboldt and Napa Counties (530) 336-6643

(530) 945-2310 Cell
TFMartin40@aol.com Yes
McCracken, David L 45 yrs construction management experience, from project manager to company president. Over 55 DRB's, 15 as chairman. Considerable experience in assisting State DOT's nationwide in design, construction and cost issues. Anywhere in California (707) 253-8707 mccnapa@att.net Yes
McGowan, Matthew (Tim) Former Senior Executive with 38 yrs experience in construction, marine, foundation and concrete products divisions of J.H. Pomeroy, Inc. Since 1994 construction industry consultant - Mediator/Arbitrator. Served on 34 DRB's - 4 as Chair. Anywhere in California (415) 453-8013 phmmbm@comcast.net Yes
Meek, Don 13 yrs Project Engineering and Management in the field followed by 29 years of change order, claim and litigation preparation, negotiation, and resolution management. Anywhere in California (415) 453-8013 bohecker@comcast.net Yes
Mehtlan, Jon 39 years, 3 months with CALTRANS. 32.5 years with Structures Construction retiring as an Area Construction Manager in Districts 8 and 11. Seven following years as a Construction Management Consultant. Served on 53 DRBs, 1 DRA and currently serving on 16 DRBs, 8 as Chairman. Anywhere in California (760) 471-6254
(760) 744-5988
jmehtlan111@gmail.com Yes
Meler, Dan 45 yrs in construction industry as Owners Rep., Estimator, Supt., Project Manager, V.P. Operations Manager For Centex Golden Co. 15 yrs and Corporate Ops Manager for Sundt Const. Co. 14 yrs. Experience in Public Works, Federal, Heavy Civil and Commercial type projects. Currently consulting for Owners, Bonding and Insurance Cos. Design Professionals and General Contractors on claims, scheduling and claims avoidance All of California (619) 889-1954 dmelerconsulting@gmail.com Yes
Meler, Ron Over 35 years experience in the construction industry, laborer to VP Operations Sundt Construction. Held management positions for general contractors for over 26 years. Currently provides construction operations consulting, dispute resolution and scheduling services. Teaches Construction Ethics, Law and Contracts at SDSU. Anywhere in California (619) 540-6502 rmeler@rwmconsult.com Yes

Miller, Dan

5  years Owner/ General Contractor. 32 years Lic. Civil Eng, Caltrans, with 23 year as Sr Construction Eng. I have successfully administered over 800 projects ($100,000 to $60 million) with heavy concentration of prompt payment, constructability, disputes and claims resolution.  Served as the Construction Engineer and RE on bridge, viaduct, and retaining wall construction.  Used skills and knowledge to successfully resolve constructability and claim issues including differing site conditions, ground water, large and small diameter pile installations, pile driving, post tension anchorage, concrete and asphalt quality testing and issues.

All of California



Minchella, Michael F. 38 years as legal representative of heavy engineering, building and specialty contractors, public agency and private owners, architects and engineers. Served as arbitrator, mediator, and DRB member. Anywhere in California (213) 612-9900 minchella@mmlawyers.com Yes
Murphy, Gerald "Gerry" 50 yrs in Industry. Served on DRBs. Chaired &served on Arbitration panels. Mediated construction matters, acted as owner's representative. Testified as an expert witness in many matters. Anywhere in California (602) 527-2149 GERALD.MURPHY@COX.NET Yes
Murphy, Jay Twenty-six years experience as a Steel Bridge Fabricator and Erector. Chairperson of Dispute Resolution Boards. Former Arbitrator on California Public Works Contracts Anywhere in California (510) 652-9264 jp.murphy@sbcglobal.net Yes
Myette, Mike I have provided guidance in dispute resolution and financial management to public agenicies, contracotrs and design firms during my 50 plus years in the industry. Central and Northern California (206) 510-6536 mmcc426@gmail.com Yes
Nelson, John 40 yrs experience in heavy civil engineering projects including earthwork, underground, CIP and cable suspension bridges, and light rail. I have served as a superintendent, project manager, operations manager, vice president and president. Districts 7, 8, 11, 12 and San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Kern Counties (619) 520-9344 nelsonjohn411@yahoo.com Yes
Nugteren, Bill Fields of expertise are: Tunnels, Bridges, Roads, Earthworks, Utility work & Mechanical. Well acquainted with contracts, contractual obligations, changed conditions, entitlement, time matters and cost Within 150 miles from Palo Alto, CA, unless special arrangements are made. (650) 493-8177 wnugteren@aol.com (See Note 1)
O'Malley, Denis 40 yrs experience in engineering including engineering studies, design, construction, and construction management (primarily in environmental engineering and heavy construction projects) and QSD/QSP training Parts of Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 10 (925) 682-3472 DOMalley43@gmail.com yes
Ogle, William Over forty years of heavy construction industry experience, working on extremely wide variety of project scopes for a diverse set of owners.  Employed by Balfour Beatty, Guy F. Atkinson, SJ Groves, Harrison Western, Brinderson and Torno America.  Responsibilities included Engineer, Project Engineer, Cost Engineer, Project Manager, Estimating and Operations Manager.  Served as vice president, COO and President/CEO.  Owners included multiple DOT's including Caltrans.  Proven record and strong ability to negotiate and resolve issues/disputes.  Actively participated in over 12 DRB's nationwide including the $900M I-405 Sepulveda Pass Project. Anywhere in California (Near an Airport (404) 414-7333 billbarb711@gmail.com Yes
Ott, William P. Served on over 100 DRBs (26 as Chair). Retired VP of Mowat Construction, currently perform construction consulting, DRBs, arbitration, cost estimating, constructability reviews, value engineering for Owners and Prime Consultants. All of California (425) 890-3533 williamott129@yahoo.com Yes
Pandey, Sagar Over 18 years Caltrans Constr Mgt experience, including RE, Sr Constr Engr, and Constr Mgr. Experience in pavement rehab, fwy widening, fwy new alignment, structures, fiber optics, and signal projects. In depth Understanding of CPM Schedule prep, review, and analysis; updated HMA, Long Life Pavement specs; and TRO Specs. Anywhere in California (909) 373-8240 sagarp@s2-ei.com No
Pastorius, Bruce Retired in 2015 with over 20 years as a Senior Construction Engineer and ten years as a Resident Engineer. Worked as Senior Resident Engineer and supervisor responsible for coordinating dispute resolution/partnering as well as the resolution of claims.  Partnering Coordinator and trainer in Central Region Anywhere in California (805) 536-9428 BEP53@outlook.com Yes
Pearman, Robert C. 30+ years Attorney: Design-Build, Housing, Public Works, Transportation, Construction, AIA Forms. Public Works Contract Arbitrations panel. AAA arbitrator - Construction, Commercial, Public Contracts Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernadino, Riverside, San Diego and Ventura (213) 487-1400 robert_pearman@gshllp.com Yes
Peckham, William Since 1993, served on 95 DRBs (33 as Chairman) and 11 Single Party Neutral -- 106 Total. Disputes heard included 82 in Transportation, 22 in Environmental, and 2 other. California North of Fresno (541) 342-6488 wbill2935@aol.com No
Pegg, Kurt I am a Civil Engineer with extensive Caltrans experience on large scale freeway projects in the State of California. I have worked for both the Owner and the Contractor for over 25 years. I have served on multiple DRB boards for Caltrans, Counties and Cities. Anywhere in California (951) 500-7979 kurtpegg@yahoo.com Yes
Pelz, Kriston K. I am very knowledgeable in all aspects of project management and construction contract administration involved in public works heavy highway construction. Anywhere in California (619) 246-5951 PelzADR@gmail.com Yes
Peterson, Barry 45 years of construction experience. Worked for large national firm and then was a co-owner of a small regional firm. Have experience on bridges, cofferdams, pile driving, girder erection, fish facilities, and piping installations. Have served on six DRB boards. Anywhere in California (208) 859-3577 spudcjp68@aol.com Yes
Peterson, Dan 10 yrs as a highway Engineer, Division of Highways, 18 yrs as a General Engineering Contractor building highways & bridges, 25 yrs as a Construction Consultant, including over 35 Caltrans Disputes Resolution Boards and other dispute resolution procedures Anywhere in California (626) 446-3117 (See Note 1) Yes
Pettiette, Patrick Accomplished project/program manager and corporate executive with broad experience in the design, construction, operations, executive management and development of some of the most complex, logistically difficult and politically sensitive projects in the engineering and construction industry.  President of an international management consulting firm which serves project owners as their representatives in the planning, budgeting and assessments of their large capital project developments. Anywhere in California (208) 949-6517 pettiette5rmk@aol.com Yes
Place, Dave 50 years in the Construction Industry, specializing in bridge, highway, and tunnel construction. Retired VP of Hamilton Construction, Eugene, OR and Sole Proprietor of David Place Construction Consultant, providing Owners and Contractors Construction Schedules, “Hard Dollar” Cost Estimates and Constructability Reviews. Member of the DRBF and have served on over 60 DRB’s in Washington, Idaho, and California,  32 as the Chairman.
Anywhere in California (541) 318-5456 dplace@bendbroadband.com Yes
Porten, James 49 years of experience in the construction industry, including 24 years in supervision and management of large projects for two contractors. Served on 48 DRBs in the past 16 years, 32 of these as chairman. Northern California (530) 823-3216 jameslporten@cs.com Yes
Preston, Guy C. Caltrans Structure Representative, Senior RE, and Area CE on over 150 projects. Projects include SFOBB Seismic Retrofit, I-680/Hwy24 Interchange, Noyo River bridge in Ft. Bragg, CA. Extensive experience in constructability issues, environmental permits and project scheduling. Anywhere in California (831) 226-6766 iguypreston@gmail.com Yes
Puchi, Edmundo (Ed) Puchi Executive level construction management and contract administration.  Executive Project Manager and Chief of Contracts Administration for major highway bridge contractor for 23 years.  Six (6) years with Caltrans in the design and construction of bridges.  Participated in numerous projects involving the DRB process and represented the contractor in arbitration of construction contract disputes Anywhere in California (916) 715-8931 puchiconsulting@gmail.com Yes
Reading, Ron 45 Years experience as Proj Superintendant - Gordon H Ball; Vice Pres - Ball, Ball, Brosamer; President - RGW, Inc.; Vice Pres - Dillingham Construction. All highway and heavy Civil. Anywhere in California (925) 464-7611 r-mreading@msn.com Yes
Reardon, Blasdel Civil Engineer and Mediator, 40 yrs industrial and building construction experience; DRBF and Caltrans trained, DRB/Independent Neutral on building and underground transmission projects. Anywhere in California (617) 423-0022 reardon@bostonsolv.com Yes
Restaino, Michael A. (Mic) I have been involved in Construction Engineering almost continuously, beginning as an Inspector in 1970 and retiring as a Senior Resident Engineer in 2010. All of California (530) 622-9098 micrestaino@comcast.net Yes
Rice, Clifford Over 18 yrs in Construction - 3-1/2 yrs as RE, 15 yrs as Senior Construction Engineer.  2 yrs in charge of Caltrans Materials Lab. Experienced in all types of construction claims evaluation and dispute resolution. Anywhere in California (209) 373-0874 luvmybuick@yahoo.com Yes
Ritchie, Edward D. 50 years of diversified construction experience in Heavy Highway; Tunnel; Earth, Rock & Concrete Dams; Cable stay and Conventional bridges. Participated in several DRB hearings as a DRB member: as a presenter; Served as an Arbitrator and Legal advisor and expert witness. All of California (925) 837-3265 K6SFD@comcast.net Yes
Robinson, Michael 30 Years heavy civil contractor / materials producer, estimator, project manager, plants manager; pavement, claims, CM, training consultant; Caltrans RE / Assistant District Construction Engineer. See website: mikerobinsonllc.com Anywhere in California (307) 213-0223 mike@mikerobinsonllc.com Yes

Rohrer Jon

33 years of construction engineering experience including Caltrans Bridge Construction and Consultant Project Management working closely with owners/agencies and contractors to produce excellent projects.

Southerm California

(562) 431-1644




Rossetti, Kurt Registered Professional Civil Engineer (MA) and Certified Cost Engineer with approx 20 years of engineering, construction, and claims consulting experience. Construction scheduling specialist. Anywhere in California (415) 395-9395 krossetti@pkrconsulting.com Yes
Rothenburger, Roger 50 years of experience with both Contractor's and Owners, including site craft supervision, project engineering, and project management including claims up to $60 million with personal negotiation. Anywhere in California (702) 715-0430 rwrothenburger@gmail.com No
Roberts, Nian B.S. in CE, A & B Contractors Licenses and RE. 36 years with Teichert Organization. VP experienced in construction as well as Aggregate, Asphalt, and RMC Operations. Served on over 45 DRBs and chaired over one half of them. Central or Northern California (916) 489-8247 nian@dslextreme.com Yes
Rhoden, Larry 42 yrs of heavy and highway experience in positions of authority, ranging from Superintendent, General Superintendent, Constuction Manager, Project Manager, and Vice President and Division Manager. Anywhere in California (530) 334-0226 lr.cherokeegec@gmail.com Yes
Saddik, Farid Project forensics expert. Schedule, cost, labor and productivity claims, DRB preparation/presentations. Expertise in large or complex contracts. Over 33 years of experience in domestic and international project estimating, engineering, management and project controls. Strong construction management, technical and engineering background. Experience spans heavy-civil, highway and commercial. Anywhere in California (925) 348-0177 farid@saddik.net Yes
Sanders, Carole I have worked on Heavy Construction Caltrans related projects since 1991 at all levels of bridge, roadway, office engineer, Sr. Resident Engineer, Construction Manager or practice director. Experience in construction administration and claim resolution. I have managed other construction engineers on such projects since 2003, beginning with the I-210 project that covered over $300 million of heavy construction. Alameda, San Bernardino, Ventura, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Francisco, LA, Sacramento (909) 732-9450 asacdj@aol.com Yes
Sarkela, Eric 38+ yrs with CALTRANS in the Const. Dept. 15+ yrs as Resident Engineer on many types of projects: major freeway, emergency contracts, bridge retrofit, widening, pavement rehab, chip seal, ovelay, mitigation, landscape, etc. Instructor and SME for Earthwork, Drainage, Asphalt Concrete, and Statewide contract change order courses. Member & Chairperson on DRBs since 2008. Districts 8 and 11, and Fresno, San Luis Obispo, and Napa (619) 447-1268 webejamn1@cox.net Yes
Schneider, Bob 30 years of management in the Heavy Civil construction industry. Primarily Caltrans freeway widenings and large structures. Thorough knowledge of California industry practices and Caltrans Specifications Anywhere in California (714) 412-3882 BSinHB@aol.com Yes
Schwarm, Douglas R. 25 years earthworks and foundation engineering on bridge, highway , rail, pipeline, and heavy infrastructure projects worldwide.  Expertise in pile driving, retaining walls, shoring, underpinning, dewatering, directional drilling, and earthworks.  Changed site conditions expert. Anywhere in California (831) 600-7419 dschwarm@atlasgeotechnical.com Yes
Seferian, Grace California licensed Professional Engineer and licensed General Contractor. Founder of ResolveWithGrace and practices alternative dispute resolution specializing in mediation, arbitration and dispute review boards. She has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry and has resolved hundreds of construction disputes and potential claims.  P.E., PMP, M.E.M., LEED AP, QSD/P, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. All of California (510) 520-1364 graceseferian@resolvewithgrace.com Yes
Shepard, Richard Over 38 years as Caltrans RE/SR, DOT Director El Dorado County, PW Director City of Elk Grove. I have resolved numerous construction disputes and have gained a reputation from Agency Staff and Contractors as being fair and reasonable. Anywhere in California ((916) 802-3333 richshepard@yahoo.com Yes
Silvestri, J. Paul (See Note 1) (See Note 1) (See Note 1) jpaulsilvestri@aol.com (See Note 1)
Slattery, R.P. (Dick) 50 Years diversified experience in Heavy Construction, 14 years in executive positions, including Corporate Officer. Former member DRBF & SCCA Board of Directors. Participated in 19 DRBs, 2 as Chairman and 1 DRA. Attended Caltrans sponsored DRB member seminars and DRBF Chairman's seminar. Anywhere in California (562) 822-5715 peaqup9@yahoo.com Yes
Sloane, William A., Jr. Over 38 years experience in managing construction disputes resolution by utilizing negotiation, mediation, arbitration and partnering with numerous agencies and contactors on West Coast Southern California (949) 553-1132 or (714) 920-5680 (Cell) wasloanejr@cox.net Yes
Smith, Hugh Over 30 years of engineering experience in administering transportation and flood control related infrastructure construction projects, and managing a highway public works construction program ranging from about $20 million to over $100 million annually. As the Construction Engineering General Manager for Riverside County Transportation Department, I have experience, background and qualifications necessar to evaluate complex construction issues and make appropriaterecommendations. Anywhere in California (951) 780-5729 h.smith.td@live.com Yes
Smith, Zulema I have 30 years of professional experience in public works projects, including hydraulics, hydrology, design, preparation of plans and specifications, utility relocation, quantities and cost estimates. Extensive experience in Environmental and Regulatory compliance including CEQA/NEPA compliance, 404/408 permits from USACE, Streambed Alteration Agreements, and 401 Certifications from Regional Water Quality Control Boards. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work and develop a cooperative environment with numerous agencies. Anywhere in California (951) 563-2654 zully.smith.handz@outlook.com Yes
Sorrell, Jonathan L. Licensed General Contractor with over 26 years of comprehensive experience in project development, construction & project management, and building & construction inspection with a passion for Alternate Dispute Resolution. Approved neutral with the American Arbitration Association Commercial Panel. Anywhere in California (559) 994-1217 jsorrell43@yahoo.com Yes
Sperry, Joe 57 years of heavy civil experience. First with PennDOT, then 11 years with contractor and 40 years as an independent consultant, mostly owners/engineers. Los Angeles, Orange, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo counties (530) 878-7305 pesperry@suddenlink.net  
St.Martin, Jim Over 40 years experience in Heavy Highway Construction with Bridge Department, Heavy Highway Contractor and Industry Trade Association. Registered Civil Engineer and Licensed Contractor. Anywhere in California (949) 933-3905 stmartin.jim@gmail.com Yes
Stark, Timothy Professor of Geotech Engineering and Construction Law at Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PE and Attorney in Illinois, 22 yrs teaching and consulting experience, DRB member for Ohio DOT, extensive experience in retaining walls, foundations, landslides, tunnels, differeing site conditions, and the like. Districts 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 (217) 840-8263 tstark32@gmail.com Yes
Steele, Jay I retired from Caltrans January 2000. Served on about 100 DRBs, 40% as Chairman. Served as the Dispute Resolution Advisor (DRA) on several contracts. Anywhere in California (760) 831-2727 jay_steele@hotmail.com Yes
Stevens, James E. (Jim) Mr. Stevens has upper level management experience on a variety of increasingly large heavy civil construction projects, including design-bid-build and design-build projects. Districts 6 and 7, Parts of Districts 3, 4, & 5. (559) 431-2738
(559) 269-8400 Cell
Jstevens01@aol.com Yes
Strid, Julius 32 years of experience in heavy construction, primarily in tunnels. Extensive dispute resolution experience at project level, expert witness, and working with DRBs. All of California (360) 880-8804 julius10@mac.com Yes
Tappan, Susan 25 years with Caltrans; 2011-2015 serving as North Region Construction Manager, responsible for administration of construction contracts in Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Lake Counties. Anywhere in California (707) 599-1340 stappan53@gmail.com Yes
Thomas, Dan 32 yr bridge construction; in all my assignments, my goal has been to deliver a quality product. I've always tried to put the project first. Anywhere in California (808) 321-9643 danthomas@hntb.com Yes
Thomas, Hugh Retired after 39 years with Caltrans, 26 years with different construction functions throughout the state. Served as member or chairman on 138 DRBs, DRA on several contracts. Anywhere in California (530) 673-9788
(530) 713-0464 (Cell)
thomashu@comcast.net Yes
Thompson, Richard 12 years as a Senior Bridge Engineer and Bridge Construction Engineer for Caltrans. 29 additional years of bridge, building, and highway construction experience. All of California (707) 923-4477
(707)223-3993 cell
gm4rich@gmail.com Yes
Timpane, Michael 20-year construction litigator, full-time construction neutral for last 5 yrs. Served on 4 DRBs, 2 as Chair. Also a mediator, arbitrator, and Special Master. Now at JAMS. Anywhere in California (925) 975-5721 mtimpane@jamsadr.com Yes
Tippin, Elizabeth A. Over 25 yrs experience as an administrative law judge, arbitrator, mediator, and attorney representing design professionals and contractors in a variety of construction projects. Anywhere in California (415)835-1332 etippinlaw@gmail.com Yes
Titzel, David More than 27-years of experience as a Highway Design, Maintenance and Construction Engineer.  Experience includes Project Management as well as the construction of road and freeway facilities.  Experienced Resident Engineer and Assistant District Engineer responsible for resolving disputes for the Nevada Department of Transportation Anywhere in California (775) 230-6113 David.Titzel@Parsons.com Yes
Vacura, Peter Professional Engineer with over 32 years of experience in bridge and pavement design, maintenance and construction. Well versed in contract administration, claims reviews and resolution. Anywhere in California (916) 897-0351 petervacura@yahoo.com Yes
Valencia, Fred Licensed California Civil Engineer. 31 years of Caltrans Experience. 20 years in Construction where I served as Construction Engineer and Construction manager, Specialized in contract administration and claim resolution, served on several Boards of Review. Anywhere in California (909) 915-4825 1fred.valencia@gmail.com Yes
Vollmer, Alex 26 years heavy civil and marine contracting: estimating, scheduling, field project mgt including claims preparation and negotiation. 20 years forensic project dispute analysis: schedule delay, productivity loss, project mgt standard of care. Anywhere in California (415) 454-9970 abvollmer@expertcivilengineer.com Yes
Von Berg, Paul 45 years experience as a heavy/highway constructor primarily in California. Familiar with bridges, structures, concrete pavement and earthwork. Responsibilities - estimating, supervision and upper management. Anywhere in California (951) 743-6951 1PVP@cox.net Yes
Wang, Chia-Chi Over 23 years of highway construction experience with Caltrans; served as Resident Engineer, Construction Engineer, and Construction Manager; Specialized in contract administration and claim resolution. Districts 7, 8, 11, and 12 (951) 892-1420 ccwangdrb@gmail.com Yes
Warrener, Douglas 46 years experience working in most phases of the construction of freeways, interchanges, bridges, AC & PCCP paving, airports, dams and consulting on the above. Anywhere in California (916) 987-6783
(916) 205-1081 (Cell)
warrenerdn@comcast.net Yes
Wesley, Dennis 43 yrs experience in civil works projects, 33 yrs with Granite; Construction experience in estimating, project management, executive management, and dispute resolution. Districts 6, 7, 9, 11, & 12, and parts of Districts 3, 4, 5, & 8 (661) 972-8162 twinpinesranch2@sbcglobal.net Yes
Wilde, Monty Licensed contractor with 30 years of experience in general engineering estimating, project management, and as VP/General Manager doing road construction, HMA,(asphalt paving), subgrade compaction, aggregate base, asphalt emulsion seals, chip seals, slurry seals. Anywhere in California (619) 994-6558 montywilde@gmail.com Yes
Yee, Steve

38 ½ years of experience with Caltrans as RE/SR in construction contract administration, construction field engineering including falsework and shoring analysis, partnering and dispute resolution, post tension box girder bridges, steel girder bridges, conventionally reinforced box girder bridges, pre-cast I girder bridges, bridge widenings, seismic retrofits, field welding, structural steel bolting, earth retaining structures, bridge painting contracts, enforcement of permit and environmental requirements, bridge deck rehabilitation including methacrylate and polyester concrete, and the construction of highway maintenance and roadside rest area buildings, both new and remodels.

All of California (858) 444-5003 stevengrantyee@gmail.com Yes
Yogarajah, Manny Professional Engineer and Licensed Contractor with 25 years of construction management experience with Caltrans as a Senior Resident/Construction Engineer, Area Manager and Design-Build Quality Assurance Manager. All of California (951) 750-2468 manny.yogarajah@gmail.com Yes