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Program Overview:

The Electrical Quality Assurance (QA) Inspection Program is responsible for reviewing, inspecting, and testing contractor-furnished electrical materials that are being incorporated in State construction projects. This program insures that these electrical materials are in compliance with the Contract plans and Standard Special Provisions (SSP) and the Caltrans Standard Plans and Specifications.

Due to the success of the QA pilot program, QA inspection program has been implemented state-wide as of July 1st, 2005.

Electrical QA Inspectors Contact Info (PDF)
Team Charter (PDF)
Electrical QA inspection manual (PDF)
QA Inspection Process Flow Chart (PDF)
Electrical QA Inspection Program Deployment Memo, 12/18/00 (PDF)
Sample Certificate of Compliance (PDF)
LED-BBS memo issued by Traffic Operations (PDF)
Traffic Signal Controllers Provided by Encroachment Permit

Contact:, Transportation Engineer (Electrical)
(916) 227-7276,
Fax (916) 227-7026