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Model 170E Controller Unit

170e controller

The Model 170E Controller Unit is designed to operate traffic applications from two/eight phase intersections to computerized network systems. In addition, with the implementation of various software packages, the Model 170E can also be used for ramp metering control, changeable message sign control, sprinkler control, pump control and changeable lane control.


Easily removable low wattage power supply
Four (4) programmable ACIA ports
Programs can run either internal (M170E Module) or external (412C Module)
Accepts up to two (2) Model 400, 1200bps, 4-wire, leased line modems
Wide temperature operating range, -37° C to +73° C

CPU Features

CPU Module includes the MPU
Quad ACIA’s with EIA-232 interface and five clock speeds from 19.2 to 307.2KHz
Up to 32K of EPROM which eliminates need for external 412C Program Module
32K of battery backed, write protected RAM
Decode Logic and the Bus Drivers

Miscellaneous Features

Power supply has holdup features to keep supply voltages within spec for a certain period of time.
Super Caps supply standby power to memory devices and a Down Time Accumulator, which tracks the length of time of the power outage.

Field I/O Features

 Both input and output modules are contained on single boards to facilitate easy maintenance.
The modules utilize CMOS technology to increase noise immunity and lightning protection devices to suppress high-energy transients.

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