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Submission of As-Built LOTB Sheets as TIFF files

When an As-Built Log of Test Boring sheet will be submitted as part of a new CADD submittal, it is acceptable to provide the drawing as a TIFF raster image. The file should meet the following requirements:

The TIFF file must contain a single complete plan sheet with borders intact
The legacy sheet is to be scanned, sized (cropped), de-speckled, and de-skewed before submittal.
The preferred size of the finished TIFF plot is 559 mm x 864 mm (22" x 34") and for special circumstances the maximum allowable size is 584 mm x 889 mm (23" x 35").
The file will be raster edited and the format must be Monochrome TIFF format with group 4 CCITT compression.
The resolution must be 400 dpi.
The image must include the As-Built Title Block, which is available in files stbr001.dgn and stbrm001.dgn on the Office of CADD and Engineering GIS Support website.

For further information contact Victor Beltran at 916-227-9804.

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