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Contractor: Certified Coatings Company Contact: Rachele Pereira
Address: 2320 Cordelia Road Fairfield, CA 94534-1600
Phone: 707-639-4414 Fax: 707-432-0574 Email:
Services needed: CERTIFIED COATINGS COMPANY IS SEEKING CERTIFIED AND QUALIFIED DBE SUBS AND /OR SUPPLIERS TO PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING. BUT NOT LIMITED TO:Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Portable Changeable Message Signs,Prepare Water Pollution Control Program, Fueling, Equipment Rental, Hazardous waste removal.
Requirements: Prime Contractor is willing to breakout any portion of work to encourage DBE participation. Plans and specs are available upon request. They may also be viewed and downloaded from the Caltran website. 100% payment and performance bonds will be required for a single, treasury-listed surety subject to our approval. We will pay bond premiums up to 1.5% higher amounts may be negotiable. Subcontractors awarded on any project will be on standard form for subcontract. Please call for assistance in bonding, insurance, lines of credit, technical info equipment supplies or any other assistance is needed. Certified Coatings Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Date posted: 05/08/2014