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Inquiry #1: Regarding item 19 (treated wood waste) 1090 LB, Per section 14-11.09A(1) page 20 of the project special provisions it states that wood removed from metal beam guard railing and roadside signs is TWW. Sheet number 22 of 53 from the project plans under metal beam guard railing the full quantity of 1090 Lb is listed for the treated wood waste item. My question, if the full quantity for treated wood waste is met with the meatal bean guard railing how is the treated wood waste from the roadside signs covered? Also what is the quantity of the treated wood waste from the roadside signs?
Inquiry submitted 05/23/2013

Response #1:The quantity for treated wood waste for removing roadside signs is included in the 1090 lb for Item 19 Treated Wood Waste.
Response posted 05/24/2013

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