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Inquiry #1: Please Clarify,
The specifications for the project look a little incomplete, the Amendments to the special provisions seem to be the only part of the special provisions listed. Could you please include the rest of the specs

Inquiry submitted 01/28/2013

Response #1:This project is under the Standard Specifications dated 2010. The contract Special Provisions are complete.
Response posted 01/30/2013

Inquiry #2: The days required to perform the work in Special Provisions Section 5-1.36D Utility Relocation and Section 19-6.03D Settlement Period leave no time for the construction of a bridge. Section 5-1.36D utility relocation specifies a 120 day notice to the Owner, AT&T, and a 60 day work window for the relocation of their telephone line. Since the Demolition of the existing bridge cannot begin until the utility line is relocated, this will delay the over-ex and 30 day settlement period of the Abutment 3 as specified in Section 19-6.03D of the Special Provisions. With these requirements the project will get pushed into the NO WORK time as specified in Section 10-1.03. Please advise as this will cause the project to run longer than the 240 working days allowed by the Special Provisions.
Inquiry submitted 01/30/2013

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 01/30/2013

Response #2:Please see contract plan sheet 13 of 54. On this sheet it shows the temporary AT&T line. This is where the AT&T line will be located when the project starts construction. The 60 day window is for AT&T to install their permanent line into the new structure after the soffit and stem walls are constructed and before the lost deck is formed. The 120 day notice is to give AT&T notice to schedule the final relocation into the new structure
Response posted 02/01/2013

Inquiry #3: When will the temporary AT&T overhead line work be completed? Special Provisions section 5-1.36D only specifies the durations for both the utility relocation/contractor-arranged time for the relocation of the AT&T line and the notification to the engineer. Please advise, since no information is provided on the temporary AT&T overhead line work.
Inquiry submitted 01/30/2013

Response #1:The temporary AT&T line will be in place before construction starts. It is scheduled to be completed by March 1, 2013.
Response posted 02/01/2013

Inquiry #4: Seet C-4 details the over excavation at the east abutment. The easterly most extent of the over excavation is shown to be a neat cut verticle wall. Will we be required to maintain a shored wall, or can the slope be laid back towards the east?
Inquiry submitted 02/01/2013

Response #1:It will be the contractor's option on the method used to construct this overexcavation as long as it meets Section 7-1.02K(6), Occupational Safety and Health Standards, of the Standard Specifications.

Response posted 02/04/2013

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