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Inquiry #1: Does the Contractor Supplied Biologist need to be on the construction site monitoring activities on a daily basis?
Inquiry submitted 05/07/2014

Response #1:Submitted for consideration.
Response posted 05/07/2014

Response #2:The Contractor Supplied Biologist (CSB) needs to be on site as necessary to meet the schedule in section 14-6.02C(6) ‘Monitoring Schedule’ as well as requirements in the permits in the Project Supplemental Information.
Response posted 05/12/2014

Inquiry #2: Can you please clarify the Minor concrete type of mix? The specs do not specify.
Inquiry submitted 05/09/2014

Response #1:The specifications for Minor concrete are shown in section 90, Concrete, of the Standard Specifications. And modified by the Section 1, General, of the Special Provision as being in a freeze/thaw area.
Response posted 05/12/2014

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