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Geotechnical Records

The Geotechnical Records Unit maintains the Digital Archive of Geotechnical Services (GeoDOG), which is an electronic database that houses geotechnical information and documents produced during the course of project development.  Staff must follow the project archive procedures issued in March 2010 to properly archive information and documents produced during a geotechnical investigation.

Access to the GeoDOG is restricted to Departmental employees via the Caltrans intranet.  Those not directly employed by the Department may request copies of geotechnical archive documents by contacting Natalie Cornell at (916) 227-7003.  The following forms must accompany each request by non-departmental persons.

Geotechnical Records Access Rules and Signature Sheet
Geotechnical Records Questionnaire

California Public Records Act requests or inquiries relating to legal proceedings must be submitted through the Department’s Public Records Officer per these guidelines.

Yung Chung
Phone : (916) 227-5242