California Department of Transportation



Message from the Deputy Division Chief, Steve Altman

Structure Construction works in partnership with districts and regions to provide construction engineering and quality assurance for construction projects throughout the State, ensuring that projects are built to conform to the construction contract plans and specifications.



Structure Construction provides construction engineering staff on State highway construction projects. While most projects involve bridge and wall construction, we also are responsible for providing construction engineering and quality assurance on transportation structures such as buildings, pump plants and other roadside facilities. We work in partnership with the districts and regions, who are responsible for administering Caltrans' construction projects. Our staff of more than 550 people are assigned to over 275 projects statewide. Owing to the nature of the work, nearly all our employees are graduate engineers. In addition to providing quality assurance and construction engineering services on Caltrans' construction projects, we provide independent quality assurance for structure work on projects funded and administered by local agencies within the State right-of-way. When requested, we also provide limited independent quality assurance on local system construction projects when Federal funding is involved.