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Rural Transit & Intercity Bus -- FTA Section 5311 and 5311(f)

James Ogbonna
Branch Chief
(916) 651-6116

Program Overview

Section 5311 is a non-urbanized area formula funding program authorized by 49 United States Code (U.S.C) Section 5311. This federal grant program provides funding for public transit in non-urbanized areas with a population under 50,000 as designated by the Bureau of the Census. FTA apportions funds to governors of each State annually. The California State Department of Transportation (Department) Division of Mass Transportation (DMT) is the delegated grantee.

5311 funding is apportioned as follows:

  • 75% Regional Apportionment -- is distributed to non-urban areas based on population through Transportation Planning Agencies (TPA) whose county or region contains a non-urbanized area as identified by the United State Census Bureau. This Regional Apportionment is based on the population. The TPA submits a Program of Projects that identifies subrecipients and projects to receive Section 5311 funds in their planning area by December 31st of each year. The subrecipient must complete and submit a Section 5311 Program Application, including all required other submittals by the appropriate deadline.
  • 15% Intercity Bus Program -- is apportioned to the Intercity Bus Program (FTA 5311(f). For more information contact Ronaldo Hu at (916) 657-3955 or Tami Cuccia at (916) 654-9493.
  • 10% State Administrative Expenses-- is distributed to administer both the 5311 & 5311(f) grant funding programs.

Guidance regarding the Section 5311 program is provided in the Section 5311 Handbook and Guide Updated 6/19/13. DMT Headerquarter's staff administer and manage the two federal grant programs: FTA Section 5311, which promotes public transit in the non-urbanized areas of the state; and FTA Section 5311(f) which promotes intercity transit in the non-urbanized areas of the state. Staff are available to provide assistance according to the following District map. In addition, DMT has personnel in eleven local District offices (District Transit Representatives) who are responsible for overseeing the Section 5311 programs at the local level by providing planning and technical assistance to transportation planning agencies (TPA) and transit operators.

5311 Headquarter's Staff Contacts

Send comments and suggestions via email to Branch Chief - FTA Section 5311 & Intercity Bus Program