Caltrans District 9 Bicycle Information

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Caltrans District 9 has developed a bicycle brochure that features information specifically for bicycling in Mono, Inyo, and eastern Kern Counties. Included are bicycle resources, popular rides, prohibited segments, and how to read bicycle signs. Click here to download the District 9 Bicycle Brochure

Bicycle Events within Caltrans District 9

To see a list of past permitted bicycle events that have taken place within Caltrans District 9, visit: District 9 bicycle events

Eastern Sierra Bike Challenge

Find out more information about the Eastern Sierra Bicycle Challenge

Caltrans Bicycle Program

Click here to go to the California Department of Transportation Bicycle web page

Caltrans District 9 Bicycle Maps

These maps are intended to assist those cycling within the District 9 area of California - Inyo, Mono, and eastern Kern Counties. One of the primary land uses in District 9 is recreation because of our deep desert valleys, high mountain ranges, rich National Parks, and the numerous lakes and streams in the Sierra Nevada. Because of the numerous campers, recreational vehicles, and large trucks traveling on the highways caution should be exercised when cycling and all roads are open to cycling in District 9 except a short stretch of freeway near Rosamond. Please carry the necessary and proper equipment for the type of trip you plan, since services can be far apart in some areas. Protection from the sun, wind, cold, and adequate water is extremely important throughout the district. No representation is made or intended as to the safety or fitness of the routes where bicycle travel is allowed. The State of California, the counties, and cities over whose facilities you may be traveling are not responsible for your safety. We welcome any suggestions for improvement or changes in bicycle facilities in our District. We hope you enjoy your cycling in this area.

District 9 Bike Map

Click on the shield to view close up bicycle guide of the route.

Bicycle Links

SR 89 MONO US 395 SR 167 US 395 SR 108 SR 182 SR 270 SR 120 West SR 158 SR 120 East SR 203 US 6 SR 168 SR 168 SR 266 US 395 Inyo SR 136 SR 190 SR 178 SR 178 SR 178 US 395 Kern SR 14 SR 202 SR 58

Bike Maps by Route

If you have any questions about Caltrans District 9 biking, please contact Cort Hitchens at bicycle coordinator or web administrator



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