Tower Bridge Maintenance Project

Project Facts


This is a HM315 project for mechanical and electrical rehabilitation on Tower Bridge, located in Yolo County on Route 275, PM 13.01. The work will upgrade the existing security/communications system, replace 48 incandescent lights with energy efficient LED lighting, replace the traveling cable system, conduct NDT testing and maintenance of the counter balance chains, and replace the 96 counterweight wire ropes, required to operate the bridge opening.

Project Benefits

Replacing the highlighted mechanical and electrical facilities with updated equipment and materials will continue to ensure marine vessels can safely navigate the channel.

Funding Breakdown

Local - N/A
State - $5.8 million
Federal – N/A
Estimated Total Project Cost - $5.8 million

Project Schedule

Environmental Certification Completed -- December 2017
Right of Way Certification Completed -- October 2017
Design Completed -- March 2018
Advertise -- April 2018
Begin Construction -- September 24, 2018
Expected Completion -- March 2019



Project Contact

Sameh A. Hegazi, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-4319

Dennis Keaton, Public Information Officer
Phone: (530) 741-4574


Tower Bridge Maintenance Map (PDF) 


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Video / Photos

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