Modeling and Forecasting

The Office of Modeling & Forecasting is a functional unit under the Deputy District Director of Planning and Local Assistance and Sustainability.

This office provides the following functions:

  • Transportation Analytics - This functional area provides insights on freight, goods, people movements and new mobility deployment metrics.
  • Modeling & Forecasting - This functional area provides key travel behavior performance metrics utilizing Travel Demand Models (TDM), Traffic Census Databases and Transportation Big Data Platforms for existing conditions and future conditions. This information is typically used in developing project planning (K-phases), PA&ED, Environmental Justice Reports, Comprehensive Multi-Modal Corridor Plans, O-D Studies, Toll Demand Modeling, Transportation Corridor Reports and other Systems Planning documents. Also, part of this function area, Traffic Indices and Design Designations (TI/DD's) are provided to the District Design staff.

Contact Information

Sathish Prakash
Transportation Engineer | Branch Chief
Phone: 530-821-8405

Harikishan "Hari" Perugu
Transportation Engineer

James Hoong
Transportation Engineer

Xiang Lan
Transportation Engineer

Ehsan Beheshtitabar
Transportation Engineer

Omid Issar
Transportation Engineer

Nima Kabirinassab
Associate Transportation Planner




California Department of Transportation
Division of Planning, Local Assistance, and Sustainability
703 B Street
Marysville CA, 95901-5517

About the I-80 CMCP

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Study Area

The CMCP covers approximately 70 miles of the I-80 corridor from the Carquinez Bridge in Solano County, through Yolo County and ending at the junction of SR 51 in Sacramento County, as well as a short segment of US 50 between I-80 and I-5.

I-80 Corridor Planning Manager

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About the SR 49 CMCP

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Study Area

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SR 49 Corridor Planning Manager

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