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Industry Standards

Standards Definition

Industry standards are defined as the established rules, regulations, and generally accepted operating procedures, practices and requirements defined by national trade associations, and state and local government laws relevant to a product or service. They are the usual and customary practices in the implementation of products or services within a particular business division; i.e. accounting, supply, performance etc.

Standards Acceptance

The main industry standards that DRI should be concerned with are project support, process/methodology, training, internal consulting/mentoring, and software/hardware tools. The challenges DRI faces today include boosting the knowledge we have about transportation research, cutting costs, and improving on project delivery in terms of time and budget. By providing structure and support both needed to standardize and facilitate project management practices, we may be able to determine methodologies for repeatable success.

Please take this information into consideration when you are reviewing your proposal. It will effectively make your product more commercial ready.