California Department of Transportation

March 2004 Deployment Workshop Projects

In March of 2004, a Deployment Workshop was organized by Larry Orcutt, Acting Deputy Director of Maintenance and Operations, and the meeting included various division chiefs from Maintenance and Operations and the Division of Research and Innovation. In that meeting seven projects out of twenty-two projects were selected to be a priority that have high deployment potential. Listed are the seven projects and their status as of May 2005. The Deployment Branch will use a Short Term Transition Process to assist the project managers to develop a Deployment Action Plan, which outlines actions, responsibilities, and funding to achieve deployment of the specific product.

For more information regarding the Deployment Workshop, please view the Deployment Workshop Meeting Minutes.

 Construction Analysis for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies (CA4PRS): Simulation Software for Constructability Analysis

CA4PRS was deployed in District 7. The training session for District 7 personnel went very well and the feedback received by the Division of Research and Innovation was very encouraging. Training for Districts 8 and 12 will be scheduled soon. Training for the northern districts was provided in May and June 2005.

Additional funding has been requested for Version 1.5 and 2.0 development and training activities.

The Division of Design has taken ownership of the software from the Division of Research and Innovation as of April 2005.

Efficient Development of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (EDAPTS)

The 2005/06 research proposals have been reviewed.  The Division of Research and Innovation is meeting and discussing with the California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) to assist in EDAPTS deployment efforts.  Meanwhile, Cal Poly and the City of San Luis Obispo have signed their independent maintenance agreements for the next year to keep the existing EDAPTS system operational. Soon we will review and prioritize 05/06 research efforts to develop performance specifications and the cost/benefit of the system.  These preliminary steps are essential for a smooth deployment process.  EDAPTS deployment efforts will be highlighted and discussed at the upcoming Coordinated Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and ITS America annual meetings, which were both in May 2005.

Adaptive Transit Signal Priority (ATSP)

The ATSP algorithm has been enhanced with an online optimization model to handle multiple priority requests based on the user-defined criteria.  The model will be used in the field operational test (FOT) in the next step. The 05/06 proposal for the FOT of ATSP has been submitted (MO-501).  If approved, the project will work with transit agencies (SamTrans) and District 4 to implement and integrate the ATSP system along El Camino Real (Hwy 82) with 50 + intersections and 50 buses.

Transfer Tank Longitudinal Sealer (TTLS) Replaces Longitudinal Crack Sealing Machine (LCSM)

Equipment debugging is in progress in coordination with the Woodland Maintenance Yard.  Currently the TTLS is having problems with the burner and kettle, and staff is negotiating with the manufacturer to determine the warranty work needed.  Once debugging has been completed, the TTLS will be assigned to a Caltrans crew for evaluation and production rate determination.

Automated Roadway Debris Vacuum (ARDVAC)

Due to increased costs associated with Caltrans-requested redesigns and material costs, only one unit is under purchase.  Delivery is expected in the second half of 2005.

Portable Work Zone Barrier (Balsi Beam)

The Equipment Shop is waiting for authorization to repair the Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) from the manufacturer.  All other modifications have been completed.  Once the TMA has been repaired, the Balsi Beam will be used in District 3 under the direction of Wayne Brazelton.

Inductive Signature Technologies (IST) Loop Detector Card

Testing was done in District 4.  There has been report, and the Division of Traffic Operations provided substantial comments.  The evaluation for this product is complete, and it has been deployed.