California Department of Transportation

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List of Deployable Products

Deployment Status Map

Caltrans Five Stages of Research Deployment

Technology Transfer Toolbox Scoping Study Final Report

List of Deployable Products

  1. Transfer Tank Longitudinal Sealer (TTLS)
  2. Telerobotic Roadway Debris VACuum System (ARDVAC)
  3. Bridge Height Measurement System
  4. Construction Analysis for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies (CA4PRS)
  5. Inductive Signature Technology (IST) Loop Detector Card
  6. Efficient Development of Advanced Public Transportation Systems (EDAPTS) Smart Transit System
  7. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Decision website
  8. WeatherShare
  9. Responder
  10. Adaptive Transit Signal Priority (ATSP)
  11. Smart Parking
  12. Electric Bus with Zebra Battery
  13. Curve Warning system
  14. Rural TMC District 2
  15. Advanced Work Zone Information System (AWIS)
  16. Google Earth Software to display Changable Message Signs (CMS) &
    Closed-Circuit Televisions (CCTV) to the public
  17. Travel Time on Changable Message Signs (CMS)
  18. Virtual Weigh & Compliance Station
  19. Hwy 99 Safety Roadside Rest Area
  20. Infotech
  21. Mechanical Empirical Design
  22. WiFi on Trains
  23. Automated Enforcement
  24. Rural 511
  25. Vehicle Infrastructure Initiative (VII)
  26. Portable Workzone Barrier (Balsi Beam)
  27. Wireless Sensor (Sensys)
  28. Vehicle Crash Tests of the Aesthetic, See-Through Concrete Bridge Rail with Sidewalk, Type 80SW
  29. Compliance Crash Testing of a Steel Version of the Type 732 Bridge Rail
  30. Vehicular Crash Tests of a Slip-formed, Single Slope
  31. Concrete Median Barrier with Integral Concrete Glare Screen
  32. Solutions to Impacts of Highway Culverts on Salmon and Steelhead

Deployment Status Map
Deployment Status Map