California Department of Transportation


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), as the steward of the State's transportation system, has the responsibility of providing leadership to meet the following challenges now and into the future:

  • Enhance Transportation Services
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Energy and Environmental Impacts
  • Enhance the Economic Vitality of California

Caltrans' Division of Research, Innovation and System Information, in cooperation with its partners, has developed a comprehensive program to research, develop, test and evaluate transportation innovations. These innovations in methods, materials and technologies will enable Caltrans to provide the most effective management of public facilities and services; protect public investment in transportation infrastructure; and enhance and expand mobility options.

The Division seeks to take full advantage of strategic opportunities to find low-cost, public/private solutions that will substantially increase the value of the billions of taxpayer dollars invested in present and future public infrastructure, and make California's technological industries competitive in emerging global transportation technology markets.

The Division of Research, Innovation and System Information:

  • Sets its research agenda based on the involvement and participation of its internal and external customers
  • Performs applied research
  • Performs research for all modes of transportation
  • Provides technical assistance to its customers for deployment of research products
  • Engages in both short-term and long-term research


The Division of Research, Innovation and System Information stimulates innovation in transportation by performing applied, customer-focused research that yields tangible products and process improvements to improve mobility across California.

One Mission / One Vision

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) strives to be the highest performing transportation agency in the country. In pursuit of our mission, we continue to build a talented and diverse team and to strengthen ties with our partners. To keep California moving, we commit ourselves to these goals:

Provide the safest transportation system in the nation for users and workers.

Maximize transportation system performance and accessibility.

Efficiently deliver quality transportation projects and services.

Preserve and enhance California's resources and assets.

Promote quality service through an excellent workforce.