Project Management

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Mission, Vision & Goals

  • Mission

    Project Management facilitates the efficient delivery of projects by developing people, processes, and tools that enhance partnerships, transparency, and accountability.

  • Vision

    Project Management collaborates with internal and external partners and stakeholders to achieve project outcomes that improve California’s livability and economy.

  • Goals

    • Improve Reliability of Project Data: Provide accurate, reliable, and timely project data to effectively manage projects.
    • Proactively Manage Resources: Optimize the use of resources to maximize outcomes.
    • Improve Project Delivery: Minimize the time and cost to deliver projects while achieving scope and quality objectives.
    • Improve Partnering: Better integrate project delivery functions and partner with other programs and stakeholders to more effectively achieve Caltrans’ mission, vision and goals.
    • Improve Project Management: Provide effective corporate governance and foster a culture of innovation and intelligent risk taking.

Major Activities

  • Managing and Reporting - Monitor and report on the delivery status of the portfolio of projects. Provide performance reports on the delivery of the portfolio.
  • Workload - Develop the overall workload and budget for the transportation improvement project portfolio. Develop and implement the tools, formulas, and standards used to estimate the resources necessary to deliver each project.
  • Project Management Improvement - Develop and implement processes and tools to improve the management of these projects. Each Transportation Improvement Project has a Project Manager who is responsible for the project's delivery.
  • Skill Development - Develop, conduct, and manage training courses to improve the skills of the 8,500+ staff working on these projects.

Statewide Alerts and Other Information

Contact Information

Physical Address:

California Department of Transportation
Division of Project Management
1120 N Street, MS 28
Sacramento, CA 95814

Mailing Address:

California Department of Transportation
Division of Project Management
P.O. Box 942874, MS 28
Sacramento, CA 94271-0001

Shipping Address:

California Department of Transportation
Division of Project Management
1415 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

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