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Travel Information Integration

What is Travel Information Integration?

Travel Information database integration is automated access to the Travel Analysis Branch Information. This includes a centralized management system to organize and maintain information from various internal and external data resources.

Why Do We Need to Integrate This Data?

The Travel Analysis Branch maintains statistical database, socioeconomic, and demographic information from various activities. A centralized management system is necessary to provide more refined and timely information to planners, modelers and top managers. Branch information includes:

  • Historical Statewide Household Travel Survey database
  • Mobile Survey to collect household vehicular and personal trips data
  • American Community Survey data, Census population, housing unit
  • CTPP journey-to-work data

What Other Related Activities Are Involved?

Maintaining and developing of operational database systems is a constantly evolving process. Improvements to automate data management will include the development of:

  1. Operational systems to identify branch resources and costs associated with projects, and
  2. Statistical and informational systems to analyze data for more informed decision making by staff and management.

Performance Measures

We are constantly reviewing our data processing system and looking for opportunities to improve on what we do. Centralization provides significant economies of scale, reduction of redundancies, and improved management efficiencies. The centralizing factors below lead to a more accurate and efficient data system:

  • A single contact person responsible for storing and maintaining large current and archived data files reduces redundancies and enables quick data mining;
  • Products and services are associated with a more accurate accounting of resources, costs, and job completion time;
  • An existing internal network provides quick access to a library of data files and reports;
  • We develop user-friendly tools with a common architecture, appearance, and functionality to access and report information from separate resources;
  • We develop standardized guidelines and procedures that result in cost savings and efficient training for staff to use the tools;
  • Staff transitioning into new job duties use these familiar tools to quickly respond to customer requests for standard information;
  • These procedures help staff satisfy managers need to know what kinds of data are available in the branch and who the customers are;
  • Management and staff collaborate to execute a shared vision and purpose for centralizing information management; and
  • Expectations are met through established standard performance measures.


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Travel Information Integration
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Updated February 19, 2013