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We provide technical support for the Census Transportation Planning Product (a dissemination of Census transportation products). We process district service requests for technical and analytical support for the vehicle license plate survey. As with all studies and reports, questions come up about how the data was collected and reported.


Our mission is to provide a prompt and accurate response to questions our customers may have about the California Household Travel Survey, Census Transportation Planning Product, American Community Survey (ACS) and the California DMV License Plate Survey. We strive to be helpful and responsive to all of our customers, both within State agencies and our partners outside of the state.

Who will Use Technical Assistance or Consultation?

We assist California Department of Transportation planners in the districts and in headquarters divisions with technical assistance and consultation. We will also assist and consult with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and in the Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs) as their needs arise.

Performance Objectives

We are constantly reviewing our processes and looking for opportunities to improve what we do. Some of the key areas we look at are:

  • Timely dissemination of current Census information for funding allocation and urban/rural boundary designation;
  • On-time delivery of DMV vehicle owner address information to Districts, RTPA's, and MPO's in order for them to conduct mail-out travel surveys for travel studies and promotion of transit programs;
  • Automating our processes to access data and distribute information to our customers more efficiently, and
  • Maintaining better contact with our customers to identify requirements for obtaining results which will meet their data needs more closely.



Technical Support
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Updated February 19, 2013