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National Highway System (NHS)

NHS Summary

The NHS is composed of approximately 160,000 miles of rural and urban roads nationwide serving major population centers, international border crossings, intermodal transportation facilities, and major travel destinations. The NHS includes the following:

  • The Interstate System.
  • Principal Arterials:
    • On October 1, 2012, all existing principal arterials were grandfathered into the NHS.
    • After October 1, 2012, newly designated principal arterials must go through the update process outlined below to be added to the NHS.
  • Intermodal Connectors: Highways that provide motor vehicle access between the NHS and major intermodal transportation facilities.
  • STRAHNET (Strategic Highway Network): The network of highways important to U.S. strategic defense.
  • STRAHNET Connectors: Connectors to major military installations.

California NHS Data:

Caltrans Web Map Gallery

At this time, the only way to view the NHS map is by downloading the shapefile from the GIS Data Library then open it in ArcMap software.

In the near future, the NHS map will be available to view on the web through the Caltrans Web Map Gallery.


NHS Additions or Deletions


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