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Transportation System Data Governance

About Transportation System Data Governance

Data regarded as an asset results in efficient, consistent application of data across the Department. In 2011, eleven divisions began an initiative to establish a process to identify corporate transportation system data sets and owners, assess data quality, and promote governed data an asset necessary for informing policy decisions, reporting, and managing day-to-day corporate business needs..

The Transportation System Data Business Plan (Plan) is a guide for implementing data governance at Caltrans. It presents a structure for the Transportation System Data Governance Board (Board) to address corporate transportation system data issues and problems. The Plan defines roles and responsibilities, develops related processes and architecture, and provides a timeline and an approach for implementing data governance.

The Plan

The Plan (Microsoft Word Document) The Plan (PDF Version)

What Is Corporate Transportation System Data?

Transportation system data is data related to the definition, condition, or performance of the physical transportation system, including all transportation modes. It does not include financial data, human resource data, and other data used in administrative functions.

Corporate transportation system data is a subset transportation system data. Corporate transportation data sets span multiple business functions and therefore have an increased importance and use across Caltrans. Corporate data sets are typically of great value to both internal and external data users (e.g., the Governor’s office, control agencies, regional and local agencies). Corporate data sets are a priority for governance because of the efficiencies that can be realized and the broad, visible impact improvements in corporate data have across Caltrans.

Governing Transportation System Data

Eleven division and 3 district representatives make up the Board. Their mission is to ensure that Caltrans creates and maintains reliable transportation system data that is accessible to Caltrans and its partners.

The Board (Microsoft Word Document) The Board (PDF Document)
Updated August 12, 2014