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System Information Offices working with Highway, GIS, and Other Data :

TheOffice of Data Services and Technology (ODST) is the focal point for all GIS activities in the Department including strategic planning, enterprise deployment, asset tracking, spatial data development, cartographic products, training needs, software purchases, and development of GIS applications.

The Office of Highway System Information and Performance {OHSIP} collects and analyzes report statistics related to the fiscal status, physical and geometric extent, performance, and designation of the State's roadway systems. This enables decision makers and system users to take advantage of quality transportation information to make performance-based decisions about transportation services and infrastructure.

The Office of Planning, Policy, and Program Development (OPPPD) is located in the Veteran's Affairs building, but is still very relatable to the SI side of the Division.. The office analyzes and reports State roadway systems and fiscal status data. This data is used by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), executive decision makers and the public. Some of the major projects we are involved in are Section 500 Reports to FHWA, the Caltrans Fact Booklet (CFB), and the DRISI data library. Along with major data study, this office's staff support the Research Transportation Planning Program; the Deployment Advisory Committee; and coordinates research between Program Steering Committees and Technical Advisory Panels.

Other Offices Located at the Veteran's Affairs Building -
13th and O Streets:

The Division of Research, Innovation and System Information (DRISI) is responsible for coordinating and managing research within Caltrans. Read more about our areas of research at:.

Some of Our System Information Services:

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