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The Division of Transportation System Information (TSI) merged with the Division of Research and Innovation (DRI) one year ago in November 2012. We are now the Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information (DRISI). Two of our offices reside in headquarters at 1120 N Street, while the remaining offices are located in the Veterans Affairs Building and other locations. For clarity, the two offices in headquarter's building will be referred to as the DRISI-HQ (Located at 1120 N St-HQ Building). The remaining offices (formerly DRI) we will refer to as DRISI-13th/O (Located at 13th/O). The TSI Office of Travel Forecasting and Analysis (OTFA) has moved to Transportation Planning.

The portion of Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information located in Caltrans Headquarters building (DRISI-HQ) has a professional staff consisting of Planners, Engineers, Research Analysts, and Administrators. We collect, maintain, analyze, and disseminate information reflecting the characteristics of the State's public roads system. We are responsible for obtaining approvals of Federal and State highways statutory descriptions, and are responsible for obtaining approvals for the functional classifications of all California public roads. DRISI-HQ provides general information for the Department related to the State transportation system's operation, condition, and performance.

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Updated November 13, 2013