California Department of Transportation

Office of Capital Improvement Programming (OCIP)

2014 Pre-Populated PPRs for Existing STIP Projects

Projects programmed in the STIP, TCRP, CMIA or Route 99 Bond may be amended to revise scope, cost, schedule or implementing agency upon approval by the California Transportation Commission (CTC). Projects may also be added to or deleted from these programs, although specific rules apply to each Program.

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County PPNO EA Project Title Last Updated
Alameda0016S2332GRoute 880 Landscaping - Replacement Planting04/12/12
Alameda0057J29494_Establish Highway Planting & Environmental Enhance06/13/13
Alameda0081H29762Route 84 Expressway Widening - Segment 204/12/12
Alameda2100 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Alameda2100C TE Reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
Alameda2179 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Alameda9051A Route 80 San Francisco Bay Bridge Gateway Park - Phase 1A and 1B04/12/12
Alpine0014 TE Reserve04/12/12
Alpine6626 Hot Springs Creek Bridge04/12/12
AlpineA1950 Planning, Programming and Monitoring10/01/12
Amador0015 TE Reserve04/12/12
Amador24540G550Pine Grove Improvements04/12/12
AmadorB1950 Planning, Programming and Monitoring10/01/12
Butte0L16 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Butte2430 Midway Bridge Replacement across Butte Creek04/12/12
Butte3124 TE Reserve04/12/12
Butte3124HL2344Neal Road and Cohassset Road Bike Project06/19/13
Calaveras0016 TE Reserve05/07/13
Calaveras0016E Cosgrove Creek Bikeway04/12/12
Calaveras30670E530Wagon Trail Bypass04/12/12
CalaverasC1950 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Colusa0L20 Planning, Programming and Monitoring07/08/13
Colusa27881F290Native Planting04/12/12
Colusa2852 City of Colusa Road Rehabilitation Project04/12/12
Colusa2853 Norman Road Rehabilitation04/12/12
Colusa3123 TE Reserve06/13/13
Colusa3123C Arbuckle Rail Depot Restoration06/13/13
Colusa3185 Wescott Road rehabilitation04/12/12
Contra Costa0192G Route 4 east Interchanges Improvement in Antioch04/12/12
Contra Costa0222E I-680 Southbound HOV Lane Gap Closure04/12/12
Contra Costa0242J I-80/San Pablo Dam Interchange - Phase 1 (Riverside Ped OC & R/W Clearance)06/29/12
Contra Costa0298E22910I-680 / SR 4 Interchange Reconstruction04/12/12
Contra Costa0521K4G111Freeway Performance Initiative - Phase 204/12/12
Contra Costa2010A East Contra Costa BART Extension (eBART)04/12/12
Contra Costa2010B Walnut Creek BART Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)04/12/12
Contra Costa2011O Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Contra Costa2025G Hercules Railroad Station Building04/12/12
Contra Costa2118 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Contra Costa2118B TE Reserve (County Share)04/12/12
Contra Costa2118F TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
Del Norte1020R281274Smith River-Fred Haight Dr. Reconstruct04/12/12
Del Norte1032 Planning, Programming and Monitoring12/28/12
El Dorado0L14 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
El Dorado1215 Class I Bike Path-ED Trail Clay St. to Bedford Ave07/06/12
El Dorado1217A Western Placerville Interchanges Phase 2A10/12/12
El Dorado1217B Western Placerville Interchanges Phase 2B10/12/12
El Dorado1217C Western Placerville Interchanges Phase 2C10/12/12
El Dorado3120 TE Reserve04/12/12
El Dorado31220F310ED-SR-49 South Fork American River Bridge07/11/12
El Dorado3125 TE Reserve04/12/12
El Dorado3575 El Dorado Trail Class I Bike Path05/30/13
Fresno0091C34253Kings Canyon Expressway - Segment 302/05/13
Fresno64650M020Maynard Munger Memorial Vista Point Enhancements04/12/12
Fresno648934235180 West Freeway Landscaping06/04/12
Fresno65820N910Coalinga SRRA Interpretive Plaza04/12/12
Fresno6L01 Planning, Programming and Monitoring01/09/13
FresnoB002 TE Reserve08/07/13
FresnoB002O4C3034LHistoric Santa Fe Depot04/12/12
FresnoB002R Merced Street Improvements05/07/13
Glenn1312 County Road V North04/12/12
Glenn1314 Road V South-39 to Route 162 Rehabilitation04/12/12
Glenn1315 Sacramento Street Reconstruction05/30/13
Glenn1316 Butte Street South Reconstruction05/30/13
Glenn3121 TE Reserve04/12/12
Glenn37081F280Native Tree Planting04/12/12
Glenn3781 Papst Avenue Reconstruction04/12/12
Glenn3782 I-5 Interchange Beautification at Road 5706/19/13
Glenn3783 I-5 Interchange Beautification at State Highway 3206/19/13
Glenn3785 Tehama Street Reconstruction04/12/12
Glenn3786 Road M 1/2 Reconstruction04/12/12
Glenn3787 Green Street Reconstruction04/12/12
Glenn3915 I-5 Interchange Beautification at State Highway 16206/19/13
Glenn3L620L1814County Road 200E Rehabilitation04/12/12
Glenn3L660L1834County Road P Improvements04/12/12
Humboldt007236600Eureka/Arcata Corridor Improvement04/12/12
Humboldt0302F Eureka Waterfront and Coastal Trail (north)08/24/12
Humboldt0302G Red Cap Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements05/30/13
Humboldt0302I Arcata Rails with Trail Project, Phase I06/19/13
Humboldt0302J Hammond Pedestrian and Bicyclist Bridge.06/06/12
Humboldt0302K Eureka Waterfront Coastal Trail (PALCO)07/09/12
Humboldt2002P Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Humboldt2069280704Waterfront Drive Extension04/12/12
Humboldt2071281324Foster Ave. to Sunset Ave. Extension05/30/13
Humboldt2076 Rohnerville Road Widening (Redwood - Jordan)04/12/12
Humboldt2078281214RR Crossings. 3 Locations, Upgrade (ext 6-09)04/12/12
Humboldt2081280944Union St and Sea Ave Reconstruction04/12/12
Humboldt2097281094Myrtle, Harris, Harrison, Lucas Sidewalks04/12/12
Humboldt2257 School Road Sidewalk and Bike Lane06/19/13
Humboldt2258 Construction of Traffic Signal System at Fern Street and Walnut Drive08/07/13
Humboldt2259 Rehab and Overlay of Eel River Drive between Kenmar Road and Drake Hill Road04/12/12
Humboldt2262 Downtown Hoopa Traffic Enhancement04/12/12
Humboldt2289 I Street Pedestrian Improvements06/19/13
Imperial052326330Dogwood Avenue Interchange07/09/12
Imperial052641040Reconstruct I-8 / Imperial Avenue Interchange08/13/13
Imperial0549A080231Route 98 Widening (West of Route 111) Phase 108/23/12
Imperial0588 TE Reserve04/12/12
Imperial101040420Historic Highway 80 Interpretive Project04/12/12
Imperial7200212574Project Planning and Monitoring08/06/13
Inyo017021340Olancha and Cartago Expressway04/24/13
Inyo1010 Planning, Programming and Monitoring10/24/12
Inyo203410922South Bishop Resurfacing06/18/13
Inyo2517 TE Reserve04/12/12
Inyo2517C109084LEastern Sierra Scenic Byway Tourist Center06/18/13
Inyo2528 See Vee Lane Extension06/28/12
Inyo2541 Sneden Street Improvements04/12/12
Inyo2542109154West Pine Street Improvements04/12/12
Inyo256810921Pine to Park Path08/24/12
Inyo258535060West Line Street Sidewalk04/12/12
Inyo2586 Sunland Drive Bicycle Lanes06/18/13
Inyo2588 Warren Street Improvements06/18/13
Inyo2598 Ed Powers Bike Lanes08/06/13
Inyo2599 West Bishop Roadway Reconstruction08/06/13
Kern3386C44254Route 46 Widening - Segment 4A03/06/13
Kern341241880Wasco 4-Lane04/12/12
Kern348242550Dennison Road Interchange04/12/12
Kern364542470Cherry Ave to Elk Hills Road 4-Lane Bypass04/12/12
Kern370548460Centennial Corridor04/12/12
Kern6435 Challenger Drive Extension Project04/12/12
Kern6555 Hillard Street Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvements06/18/13
Kern65770N860Northern and Southern Kern 99 Corridor Bridge Enhancement04/12/12
Kern6609 North Chester Avenue Pedestrian Path04/12/12
Kern6610 Antelope Run Bike/Pedestrian Path04/12/12
Kern6611 Diamond Street Beautification Project04/12/12
Kern6612 Tehachapi Boulevard Phase III04/12/12
Kern6613 Route 46 Pedestrian Path04/12/12
Kern6614 Bernard Street Pedestrian Path04/12/12
Kern6615 Rails to Trails Phase IV04/12/12
Kern6616 Mt Vernon Avenue Median Improvements04/12/12
Kern6617 College Heights Boulevard Pedestrian Path04/12/12
Kern6L03 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Kern8042A45711Freeman Gulch Widening - Segment 105/04/12
Kern8042B45712Freeman Gulch Widening - Segment 205/04/12
Kern853944310Inyokern 4-Lane04/12/12
KernE012 TE Reserve04/12/12
Kern202210889Ridgecrest-West Ridgecrest Blvd. 4-lane04/12/12
Kings4330Y3255119th Avenue Interchange Landscaping05/04/12
Kings43484875012th Avenue Interchange on SR 19804/12/12
Kings6L04 Planning, Programming and Monitoring10/01/12
KingsC002 TE Reserve04/12/12
Lake0122C2981U_Diener Dr. to North Rte 175 Upgrade Expressway04/12/12
Lake3032R281714South Main Street Rehabilitation06/12/13
Lake3033R281724Soda Bay Road Rehabilitation06/12/13
Lake3036 TE Reserve04/12/12
Lake3036C282244Bridge Arbor Bikeway04/12/12
Lake307092453Cole Creek Bridge05/29/13
Lake3088 Dam Road Extension to 18th Avenue04/12/12
Lake3089 Lakeport Boulevard and South Main Street Intersection Improvements04/12/12
Lassen2121A1A0100Skyline Road Extension (Phase 2)06/12/13
Lassen2124 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/30/13
Lassen2261455754Janesville Main Street Bike path and Overlay05/30/13
Lassen2356457044County Roads (B), rehabilitation04/12/12
Lassen2391 County Rehab A04/12/12
Lassen2395 TE Reserve04/12/12
Lassen2436 Purchase Two Transit Vehicles04/12/12
Lassen2459457054Susanville Rehab C04/12/12
Lassen2460 Susanville Rehabilitation D07/18/12
Lassen2462 Purchase One Transit Vehicle04/12/12
Lassen2480 Riverside Drive Reconst & Class I Ped-Bike lane07/09/13
Lassen2510 City Rehabilitation FC04/12/12
Lassen2511 City Rehabilitation SC04/12/12
Lassen2512 City Rehabilitation SC104/12/12
Lassen2513 City Rehabilitation SC204/12/12
Lassen2514 City Rehabilitation SC304/12/12
Lassen2515 City Rehabilitation SC404/12/12
Lassen2516 City Rehabilitation SC504/12/12
Los Angeles0219M020090Route 10 to Route 210 - new 6 lane freeway04/12/12
Los Angeles0310B119340Route 10 HOV Lanes from Citrus St. to Rte 5708/24/12
Los Angeles0393F116720Palmdale- Fwy&Conventional Hwy (RW only)04/12/12
Los Angeles2215187901Rte 710 Gap Closure (North) PE & Technical Studies04/17/12
Los Angeles2741210600Rte 71 Expwy to Fwy Conversion (Rte 10 to Rte 60)04/12/12
Los Angeles2787199610SB 405 to NB 101 Connector04/12/12
Los Angeles2808215921I-5 Carpool Lane-Orange CL to I-605 (Segment 2)08/06/13
Los Angeles2808C2159FI-5 Widening - Route 605 to Route 71004/12/12
Los Angeles2808D2159E5/710 Interchange04/12/12
Los Angeles3404 San Jose Creek Bike Trail Phase 2B04/12/12
Los Angeles3455 TE Reserve04/12/12
Los Angeles3612249900I-710 Expansion04/12/12
Los Angeles4025 78 Light Rail Vehicles05/30/13
Los Angeles4026 Exposition LRT; Culver City-Santa Monica, Phs 201/22/13
Los Angeles4027 Crenshaw-Prairie Transit Corridor03/05/13
Los Angeles4027A AB 3090 Reimbursement Project03/05/13
Los Angeles4080 San Fernando Pacoima Wash Bike Path04/12/12
Los Angeles4084 Imperial Highway Bike Lanes04/12/12
Los Angeles4085 San Fernando Road Bike Path Phase IIIA04/12/12
Los Angeles415621595I-5 Carpool Lane - Orange CL to I-605 (Seg 5)06/18/13
Los Angeles4300A Figueroa Corridor Bike Station & Cycling12/28/12
Los Angeles4301 Los Angeles River Bike Path Phase IV-Construction04/12/12
Los Angeles4302 North County Bikeways05/30/13
Los Angeles4303 Willowbrook Area Bikeway Improvements04/12/12
Los Angeles4304 F3522 Cordova Street Road Diet Project04/12/12
Los Angeles4305 West Third Street Pedestrian Improvement Project03/11/13
Los Angeles4306 Boyle Heights Chavez Ave Streetscape/Pedestrian04/12/12
Los Angeles4307 Broadway Historic Theater District Enhancment04/12/12
Los Angeles4308 Central Avenue Historic Corridor Streetscape05/29/13
Los Angeles4309 Beverly Boulevard Transportation Enhancements06/13/13
Los Angeles4310 Willowbrook Area Access Improvements to MLK MACC05/30/13
Los Angeles4311 North Fair Oaks Avenue Pedestrian Improvements07/09/13
Los Angeles4313 Watts Streetscape Enhancements06/13/13
Los Angeles4314 Sunset Junction Phase 206/13/13
Los Angeles4319 Pioneer Arterial Transportation Enhancements04/12/12
Los Angeles432428440River Confluence Gateway on Arroyo Seco Byway04/12/12
Los Angeles432528450Lamont Odett Vista Point Enhancement04/12/12
Los Angeles432628460Route 14 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Los Angeles432728370Interstate 5 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Los Angeles432828380LA-101 Vine Planting Corridor Enhancement10/15/12
Los Angeles432928390LA-210 Vine Planting Corridor Enhancement04/12/12
Los Angeles433028400Viewshed Enhancements on Arroyo Seco Byway04/12/12
Los Angeles433128420LA-5 Vine Planting Corridor Enhancement04/12/12
Los Angeles433228430LA-2 and LA-134 Vine Planting Corridor Enhancement04/12/12
Los Angeles433628480Route 710 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Los Angeles435628620Route 138 Widening, Segment 604/24/13
Los Angeles435728630Route 138 Widening, Segment 1304/24/13
Los Angeles4527 Los Angeles River Bridge04/12/12
Los Angeles4528 Covina Bicycle Network - Phase Two04/12/12
Los Angeles4529 Duarte Gold Line Station Pedestrian Improvements04/12/12
Los Angeles4530 Valencia Triangle Landscape Beautification Plaza04/12/12
Los Angeles4531 LA River Bike Path - Headwaters Section04/12/12
Los Angeles4532 Expo Line Bike Hubs in South Los Angeles04/12/12
Los Angeles4533 Washington Blvd Pedestrian Transit Access (Hooper/Alameda) II04/12/12
Los Angeles4534 Orange Line Extension Sherman Way Station Pedestrian Links04/12/12
Los Angeles4535 Hollywood/Western Streetscape Public Improvements04/12/12
Los Angeles4536 EXPO Line - Transit/Pedestrian Linkages - West04/12/12
Los Angeles4537 Vermont Avenue Bike Lane Project - Manchester Boulevard to El Segundo Boulevard04/12/12
Los Angeles4538 Florence Metro Blue Line Station Bikeway Access Improvements04/12/12
Los Angeles4539 10th Street West Road Diet and Bikeway Improvements04/12/12
Los Angeles4540 Atlantic Avenue Streetscape Enhancements06/17/13
Los Angeles4541 City of Long Beach Phase II Bike Share Program04/12/12
Los Angeles4543 San Gabriel Boulevard Gateway Corridor Improvements Project04/12/12
Los Angeles4545 Civic Center & Inter-Jurisdictional Bicycle Lanes04/12/12
Los Angeles454929450Interstate 5 Native Planting and Corridor Enhancements01/08/13
Los Angeles456029350Route 138 Widening, Segment 904/24/13
Los Angeles9001 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Los Angeles2002AR889TBRosecrans / Marquardt Grade Sep07/17/12
Los Angeles2098 Raymer to Bernson Double Track Project04/12/12
Madera43280E680Madera County Route 99 Corridor Bridge Enhancement04/12/12
Madera533547090Madera 6 Lane04/12/12
Madera62970H220South Madera 6 Lane04/12/12
Madera66060G900Madera 41 Passing Lane04/12/12
Madera6L05 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/07/13
Marin0342L22617Route 101 HOV Lane Gap Closure - Landscaping04/12/12
Marin0360G26409San Antonio Road Curve Correction04/12/12
Marin0360L2640HMSN Landscape/Mitigation & Sound Wall04/12/12
Marin2127 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Marin2127B TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
Marin2127C Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Marin2127K0G510Graton Rancheria Heritage Management Project04/12/12
Marin2127S Miller Creek Class II Bycycle Lanes and Pedestrian Improvements01/09/13
Mariposa0208 Silva Road Rehabilitation04/12/12
Mariposa0209B Mt Bullion Cutoff Road Rehabilitation Phase 205/09/13
Mariposa0212 Triangle Road Rehabilitation04/12/12
Mariposa0214 Chowchilla Mountian Rd/Harris Cutoff Rd Rehab04/12/12
Mariposa3002 Old Toll Road Rehabilitation Phase I04/12/12
Mariposa3003 Old Toll Road Rehabilitation Phase II04/12/12
Mariposa3K1A Triangle Road Rehabilitation04/12/12
Mariposa4957 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/07/13
Mendocino0125W26203Willits Bypass - Relinquishment of Bypassed Route 101 (Exisitng Route 101 Through Willits)04/12/12
Mendocino0125Y26201Willits Bypass - Ryan Creek/Coho Salmon Mitigation06/12/13
Mendocino0125Z26204Willits Bypass - Sherwood Road Geometric Upgrades.04/12/12
Mendocino4002P Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Mendocino4073P280524East Side Potter Valley Road Recon Phase I06/12/13
Mendocino441946590Pacific Coast Bike Route - Phase 304/12/12
Mendocino4498 Hwy 1 Circulation & Safety Improvements04/12/12
Mendocino4517 Branscomb Road Bridge06/12/13
Mendocino4518 Pedestrian Safety Improvement - Grace Hudson Schoo05/30/13
Mendocino4558 US 101 Scenic Vista at Confusion Hill04/12/12
Mendocino4560 Acquisition of Six Revenues Vehicles04/12/12
Mendocino4561 Traffic Signal at Gobbi Street and Waugh Lane04/12/12
Mendocino4562 Roundabout at Low Gap Road and North Bush Street04/12/12
Mendocino4563 Ukiah Downtown Streetscape Improvement, Phase I06/12/13
Merced01610Q120Livingston Widening02/27/13
Merced5707A41911Los Banos Bypass, Segment 104/12/12
Merced5960 Planning, Programming and Monitoring10/01/12
Modoc2051 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/30/13
Modoc2437 TE Reserve07/09/13
Modoc2508 Chip Seal Various Locations - City of Alturas04/12/12
Modoc2534 Pedestrian Improvements along Alturas Central Business District06/12/13
Modoc3269456904County Road 1 Rehabilitation08/29/12
Modoc336829971Alturas 299 Operational Improvements06/12/13
Modoc33831E060Perez CCTV and RWIS07/11/12
Mono2003 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/28/13
Mono2512 Airport Access Road04/12/12
Mono2516 TE Reserve04/12/12
Mono2561 June Lake Streets Rehabilitation06/18/13
Mono2563 Chalfant Streets Rehabilitation06/28/12
Mono2566T298TB8 Replacement Buses for E Sierra Transit Authority06/18/13
Mono258935550Sherwin Vista Point Improvements04/12/12
Mono259035540Conway Vista Point Improvements04/12/12
Mono2595 Meridian Roundabout and Signal Relocation04/12/12
Mono2597 Mammoth Creek Gap Closure06/18/13
Monterey0032G31592Salinas Road Interchange10/24/12
Monterey0057C31600Route 156 West Corridor08/06/13
Monterey0058Y0161HPrunedale Improvement Project Landscape Mitigation05/07/13
Monterey0480448001Route 68 Widening04/12/12
Monterey11524A1754Davis Road Bridge Replacement04/12/12
Monterey1155R131TBCaltrain Extension06/29/12
Monterey1165 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Monterey1813A0H823Route 68 Safety & Ops Corral de Tierra06/18/13
Monterey18140L570SR-1 Operational Improvements04/12/12
Monterey1827 TE Reserve10/24/12
Monterey1971R328TACoast Daylight/Caltrain track improvements06/18/13
Monterey2296 Castroville Bike/Pedestrian Path06/18/13
Monterey2298 Davis Road Class II Bike Lanes07/18/12
Monterey23391A820District 5 Safety Roadside Rest Areas Shade and Shelters and Transportation Art04/12/12
Monterey33000H330US 101 South County Frontage Roads04/12/12
Napa0367J2641ASR 12 Jameson Canyon Widening - Phase 1 (Seg #3)06/13/13
Napa037628120KSR 12/29/221 Intersection Improvements04/12/12
Napa1003E Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Napa2130 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Napa2130B TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
Napa2130J TE Reserve (County Share)08/15/13
Napa2130K Local Roadway Rehabilitation: Lena Drive and Stenson Drive04/12/12
Napa2130L Local Roadway Rehabilitation: Silverado Trail04/12/12
Nevada0L83 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Nevada3L431C0801SR 89/Union Pacific RR Grade Separation Widening04/12/12
Nevada41174E170SR 49 Widening: La Bar Meadows Road to McKnight Way04/12/12
Nevada4119 SR 49 Traffic Signal Preemption07/11/13
Orange2132 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Orange2134402484TE Reserve06/19/13
Orange2531D0F96AI-5 HOV lanes - South of Avenida Pico to South of Avenida Vista Hermosa06/13/12
Orange2531E0F96CI-5 HOV Lanes - South of Avenida Vista Hermosa to South of Pacific Coast Highway08/13/12
Orange26780L850I-5 HOV Lane Operational Improvements04/12/12
Orange2883A0C890I-5 HOV Lanes - Route 55 to Route 57.04/12/12
Orange2958A0J870Eastbound Route 22 Reconfiguration04/12/12
Orange3636A0J420Route 57 HOV Lane Operational Improvements04/12/12
Orange4102A0E31AI-5/SR 74 Interchange Improvements (Landscaping/Replacement Planting)08/14/13
Orange4926C0J440I-405 HOV Lane Operational Improvements04/12/12
Orange4935A0F240I-405 Southbound Auxiliary Lane - Route 133 to Irvine Center Drive04/12/12
Orange49560H045I-405 Southbound Auxiliary Lane - University to Sand Canyon06/12/13
Placer0L11 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Placer4679A0C9301AB 3090 Replacement06/12/13
Placer97261F300Highway 65 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Placer9879R779SASac-Roseville Track and Signal Improvements04/12/12
Plumas2057 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/29/12
Plumas2250455144Big Cove Road Rehabilitation04/12/12
Plumas2251455154Clifford Drive Rehabilitation04/12/12
Plumas2342456334Greenville Pavement Rehabilitation08/29/12
Plumas2480457084A15 Reconstruction-Phase II08/07/13
Plumas2542 Bucks Lake Road Pavement Rehabilitation (Snake Lake Road to Slate Creek Road)06/12/13
Plumas3209 TE Reserve04/12/12
Plumas33550E240Greenville SR89 Rehabilitation07/09/13
Riverside0013H0N440Riv-10 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Riverside0021K43272French Valley Parkway IC - Collector/Distributor04/12/12
Riverside0053A475200Jefferson Street Interchange04/12/12
Riverside0247R0N450Riv-215 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Riverside1112RIVTERTE Reserve04/12/12
Riverside9803 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/22/13
Sacramento0L30 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Sacramento16604E490Railroad Technology Museum Building: Boiler Shop10/15/12
Sacramento16654E490Boiler Shop Site Improvements07/10/13
Sacramento3148R9307CNortheast Corridor Enhancements04/12/12
Sacramento3L05R929TCSouth LRT ext, Meadowview-Calvine (TCRP #115)12/27/12
Sacramento58353C001I-5 HOV Phase 104/12/12
Sacramento5988 CNG Replacement Buses & Related Spare Parts04/12/12
Sacramento5990 Laguna Creek Trail - North Camden Spur04/12/12
Sacramento6576 C Street/Central Galt Complete Streets04/12/12
Sacramento6579 Fair Oaks Boulevard Improvements Phase 206/12/13
Sacramento2095 Sacramento Maintenance Facility06/19/13
San Benito029734490San Juan Bautista 4-lane Expressway04/12/12
San Benito2043 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
San Bernardino0076F0L340Aesthetic Corridor Master Plan, Urban04/12/12
San Bernardino0134K0C250I-10 HOV Lane Extension from Haven Avenue to Ford Street05/04/12
San Bernardino0154D44812Tippecanoe Ave Interchange Improvements06/05/12
San Bernardino0174L35556Route 15 widening (Phase 2)04/12/12
San Bernardino0175N35558Landscape Enhancement04/12/12
San Bernardino0177F0G841C. V. Kane SRRA Interpretive Displays04/12/12
San Bernardino0215C34770Kramer Junction - Phase 101/08/13
San Bernardino0217F043511Widen to 4-Lane (Hinkley)01/08/13
San Bernardino0239D3401U1Route 138 Widening (Segment 1)04/12/12
San Bernardino0239Q0P240Mormon Rocks Vista Point04/12/12
San Bernardino0243K0J070I-215/Barton Interchange Reconstruction04/12/12
San Bernardino0260B34040KRoute 395 Widening04/12/12
San Bernardino1111SBDTERTE Reserve06/12/13
San Bernardino9811 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/13/13
San Diego0615235800Route 5 Widening for HOV, Mixed flow & Aux Lanes04/12/12
San Diego0615A2T171Route 5 HOV Extension04/12/12
San Diego0615B2T170Soundwalls, Manchester Avenue to Route 7804/12/12
San Diego0615C2T172San Elijo Lagoon Bridge Replacement04/12/12
San Diego074329490Tecate International Border Crossing04/12/12
San Diego099905631Route 11 and Otay Mesa Port of Entry (POE)07/09/12
San Diego100740400I-5 Aesthetic Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
San Diego100940410Encinitas Blvd / Santa Fe Dr Bike/Ped Improvements04/12/12
San Diego7402 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
San Diego7421 TE Reserve07/10/12
San Diego7421Y Coastal Rail Trail09/17/12
San Francisco0619A163700Doyle Drive Replacement06/13/13
San Francisco2007 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
San Francisco2007S TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
San Francisco2014U Golden Gate Moveable Median Barrier05/25/12
San Francisco2131 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
San Francisco9098K San Francisco Crosswalk Conversion04/12/12
San Joaquin0018 TE Reserve06/18/13
San Joaquin3K41R176TBLathrop Road Grade Separation with UPRR06/25/12
San Joaquin3K59 McHenry Avenue Improvements12/18/12
San Joaquin6627 Stockton Avenue Widening04/12/12
San Joaquin6629 MacArthur Drive Widening and Reconstruction04/12/12
San Joaquin6630 Harney Lane Grade Separation04/12/12
San Joaquin7952 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
San Joaquin2030A Stockton to Escalon - Double Track project (Segment 3)06/14/13
San Joaquin2081 Stockton Station Relocation06/21/13
San Luis Obispo0226F33076Whitley 1 - Landscape Mitigation04/12/12
San Luis Obispo0226H33078Route 46 Corridor Improvements (Whitley 2B)04/12/12
San Luis Obispo0942 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
San Luis Obispo1129A Bob Jones Class 1, Northern Segment04/12/12
San Luis Obispo1843 Templeton-Atascadero Connector06/18/13
San Luis Obispo1982 TE Reserve04/12/12
San Luis Obispo2071 Price Canyon Road Widening04/12/12
San Luis Obispo2302 Shell Beach Road Multiuse Path Phase 104/12/12
San Luis Obispo23421A880Cuyama Archaeological Collections06/01/12
San Luis Obispo2369 Vine Street Realignment04/12/12
San Luis Obispo2373 Grand Avenue Streetscape, Phase 306/18/13
San Luis Obispo2374 Morro Creek Multi-Use Trail & Bridge - Phase 104/12/12
San Luis Obispo2375 San Juan Creek Pedestrian Bridge05/07/13
San Luis Obispo2376PERMITRoute 41 Multi-Purpose Pathway to the Park04/12/12
San Luis Obispo37000H371Route 101 SB Aux Lane - Oak Park/Halcyon04/12/12
San Luis Obispo4856B0A370Brisco Road Interchange Improvements and Auxiliary Lanes04/12/12
San Luis Obispo73000H730Los Osos Valley Rd/Route 101 Interchange Reconst04/12/12
San Mateo0632C25460Calera Parkway (Phase 1)04/12/12
San Mateo0668A SR 92/SR 82 Interchange Improvements - Phase 104/12/12
San Mateo0668D SR 92/US 101 Interchange Improvements - Phase 2 (Environmental Only)04/12/12
San Mateo0690A235650SR 101/Willow Road I/C Reconstruction04/12/12
San Mateo0702A23584US 101 Broadway Interchange Reconstruction04/12/12
San Mateo2140 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
San Mateo2140A Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
San Mateo2140C TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
San Mateo2140E Countywide ITS Improvements04/12/12
San Mateo2140G Interstate 280 Wildlife Connectivity Study04/12/12
San Mateo2140H26560Route 1, San Pedro Creek Bridge Replacement Proj07/17/12
San Mateo2140L TE Reserve (County Share)07/20/12
Santa Barbara04824482UCasitas Pass & Linden Ave interchanges04/12/12
Santa Barbara08200G820Las Positas Rd/Cliff Dr Intersection Improvements04/12/12
Santa Barbara1834 TE Reserve06/18/13
Santa Barbara1834B Cabrillo Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements06/18/13
Santa Barbara1840A Cathedral Oaks Landscaping Enhancement04/12/12
Santa Barbara1914 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Santa Barbara22660T070Northern Corridor Native Tree & Shrub Planting04/12/12
Santa Barbara46114611UFowler Rd & Ekwill St Extension06/18/13
Santa Barbara64000C640Route 246 Passing Lanes06/18/13
Santa Barbara71010N700South Coast 101 HOV Lanes04/12/12
Santa Barbara2087 Santa Barbara County Siding Upgrade and Extension05/07/13
Santa Barbara2089 Sidings in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties05/07/13
Santa Clara2144 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Santa Clara2147D BART to San Jose; extend BART from Warm Springs to08/13/13
Santa Clara2174E Capitol Expressway Light Rail Extension (Phase II)06/13/13
Santa Clara2255 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Santa Clara2255B TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
Santa Clara2255E TE Reserve (County Share)04/12/12
Santa Clara9035K Hacienda Avenue Improvement Project04/12/12
Santa Clara9035L Park Avenue Multi - Modal Improvements04/12/12
Santa Clara9035M St. John Street Multi - Modal Improvements - Phase 104/12/12
Santa Cruz00730C730Highway 1 HOV lanes04/12/12
Santa Cruz0073A0C73241st Avenue to Soquel Avenue Auxiliary Lanes05/02/12
Santa Cruz041344130Watsonville-Harkins Slough Rd Interchange06/18/13
Santa Cruz0921 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Santa Cruz1872 Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Network06/18/13
Santa Cruz1968 Mar Vista Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing06/18/13
Santa Cruz2363 Park Avenue Sidewalks04/12/12
Santa Cruz2365 Vine Hill Elementary School Bike Lanes and Sidewalks04/12/12
Santa Cruz2366 Airport Boulevard Improvements04/12/12
Santa Cruz2367 Nelson Road Storm Damage Repair04/12/12
Santa Cruz2368 Redwood Lodge Storm Damage Repair04/12/12
Santa Cruz465846580Route 1/9 Intersection Improvements04/12/12
Shasta2368 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/29/12
Shasta34454C402Redding to Anderson 6-Lane04/12/12
Sierra0L04 Planning, Programming and Monitoring12/28/12
Sierra1703 Gulling Avenue04/12/12
Sierra1L38453974Jim Crow Road Bridge07/19/12
Sierra3L101 Plumbago Rd. Bridge Replacement07/09/13
Sierra80051F260Wildlife Undercrossings04/12/12
Siskiyou2452 Foothill Drive Project08/07/13
Siskiyou2474 Schumeyer Gulch Bridge07/19/12
Siskiyou2485 Oregon Street Rehabilitation Project04/12/12
Siskiyou2486 Scott Street Rehabilitation Project04/12/12
Siskiyou2498 City of Weed04/12/12
Siskiyou2499 Gazelle Callahan Rahabilitation Project04/12/12
Siskiyou2506 Guys Gulch04/12/12
Siskiyou2517 Mt. Shasta Blvd. Guardrail Project04/12/12
Siskiyou2518 Oregon Street Rehabilitation04/12/12
Siskiyou2520 Greenhorn Bike and Pedestrian Pathways Project04/12/12
Siskiyou2521 Lincon Road, Union Ave., Angel Valley Road Rehabilitation04/12/12
Siskiyou2523 7th and 8th Street Rehabilitation04/12/12
Siskiyou31560C2500Siskiyou I-5/SR 89 Interchange Operational Improve04/12/12
Solano2152 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Solano2263 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Solano5152K TE Reserve (County Share)04/12/12
Solano53010T2101I-80 Reliever Route/Jepson Pkwy04/12/12
Solano8273B0T1631Route 80 Widening Landscaping04/12/12
Solano6045KR907SBCapitol Corridor Rail Station, Fairfield06/14/13
Sonoma0770E Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Sonoma0789E24542Sonoma 101 at College Ave06/13/13
Sonoma0789F245431Follow Up Landscaping04/12/12
Sonoma2156 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/12/13
Sonoma5156A TE reserve (MTC Share)04/12/12
Sonoma5156I TE Reserve (County Share)07/17/12
Sonoma5156L SMART Multi-Use Pathway - Sonoma County Initial Operating Segment04/12/12
Sonoma5156M Old Redwood Highway Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancements Project01/07/13
Stanislaus0220 Claribel Rd Class I Bike Path04/12/12
Stanislaus02280S800North County Corridor04/12/12
Stanislaus0230 Widen Claribel Road from SR 108 & SR 219 to Oakdale Road06/29/12
Stanislaus0944M40350Route 132 Expressway05/01/12
Stanislaus946047210Pelandale Interchange Reconstruction08/24/12
Stanislaus9953 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/07/13
Sutter1L53 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Sutter3189 Live Oak Community Trail - Phase 404/12/12
Tehama2032456304Flores Ave Project07/19/12
Tehama2063 Planning, Programming and Monitoring05/30/13
Tehama2331455824MCoy Road Low-Water Crossing04/12/12
Tehama2333455784Jewett Creek Bridge at Kirkwood Road04/18/12
Tehama2334455794Jewett Creek Bridge at Columbia Ave.04/18/12
Tehama2378454004Sacramento River Bridge (#08C-0043)07/09/13
Tehama2379453964Evergreen Rd. Bridge at South Fork Cottonwood Cr.08/06/13
Tehama2401456084Downtown Revitalization Program04/12/12
Tehama243045647499W at Thomas Creek Bridge07/06/12
Tehama2493 Bridge Deck Restoration04/12/12
Tehama2509 City of Tehama Reconstruction and Drainage Improvement08/29/12
Tehama2527 Baker Road @ Brickyard Creek Bridge04/12/12
Tehama2528 Los Molinos Phase III04/12/12
Tehama2529 Evergreen/Bowman Savety Improvements05/29/13
Tehama31881C350South Main Street Interchange04/12/12
Trinity2066 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/13/13
Trinity2138454184East Connector Road06/12/13
Trinity2138B East Connector Phase 2; signals and intersection improvement04/12/12
Trinity2399C45671Horsewater Lane Bike/Ped Bike07/19/12
Trinity2399D456944Lewiston Road Bike/Ped Lane06/19/13
Trinity242145672Wildwood Road Reconstruction, Segment 112/28/12
Trinity2464 Hayfork Creek Bridge 5C-086 on Wildwood Road01/28/13
Trinity2465 Lewiston Road Rehab No 202, PM 4.8+/-to PM 5.8404/12/12
Trinity2487456864Lowden Park to Senior Center Bike/Pedestrian Path08/29/12
Tulare010443080Tulare Expressway04/12/12
Tulare0105Y42371Plaza Drive Interchange Landscaping06/29/12
Tulare0106Y43071Houston Avenue 4-Lane Landscape10/24/12
Tulare01074C0614Avenue 416 Widening04/12/12
Tulare640036020Tulare to Goshen 6-lane Freeway04/12/12
Tulare6400C36023Middle Segment (Caldwell) 6-Lane04/12/12
Tulare6400D36024South Segment (Tagus) 6-Lane04/12/12
Tulare642347150Route 99 Betty Drive Interchange Improvements10/24/12
Tulare6565 Santa Fe Trail Connection Segment 1A06/18/13
Tulare65790N890Route 99 Corridor Bridge Enhancement in Rural Tulare and Southern Fresno Counties07/20/12
Tulare65810N900Warlow SRRA Information Kiosk & Shade Structures04/12/12
Tulare6632 Oak Avenue Pedestrian Walkway04/12/12
Tulare6658 City of Woodlake Downtown Enhancement Project Phase 406/18/13
Tulare6659 Garden Avenue Pedestrian Walkway06/18/13
Tulare6660 City of Dinuba Class II and Class III Bike Lanes06/18/13
Tulare8650A43401Terra Bella Expressway - Segment 104/12/12
Tulare8650B43402Terra Bella Expressway - Segment 204/12/12
Tulare8650C43403Terra Bella Expressway - Segment 304/12/12
Tulare8650D43404Terra Bella Expressway - Segment 404/12/12
TulareD006 TE Reserve05/07/13
Tuolumne0020 TE Reserve04/12/12
Tuolumne0020C4A3064Jamestown Main St to Railtown Sidewalks Project05/09/13
Tuolumne023534045Mono Way Operational & Safety06/18/13
Tuolumne0452 Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/24/12
Various33730E410Geoarchaeological Survey in District 204/12/12
Various29434E510Aesthetic Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Various46251F270Wildlife Movement Study04/12/12
Various98154E520California & Pony Express Auto Tour Route07/09/13
Various2127J0G500Cultural Resources Database Data Entry04/12/12
Various2127L Bicycle Lockers at Capitol Corridor Stations10/01/12
Various2127M1G440Geoarchaeological Study of Route 101 Corridor04/12/12
Various2127N1G490Statewide Archaeological Reburial Database04/12/12
Various22720T500District 5 Vista Point Interpretive Displays04/12/12
Various22730T510District 5 Corridor Master Plan04/12/12
Ventura2291A AB 3090 Reimbursement Project06/18/13
Ventura3565 TE Reserve06/17/13
Ventura3565J Landscape Improvements - 10th Street to Santa Paula Street05/31/12
Ventura90024U2564Planning, Programming and Monitoring08/06/13
Ventura2088 Ventura County Sealed Corridor07/09/13
Yolo0301X374221NB I-5 to SB SR 113 Direct connect Ph 204/12/12
Yolo0L37 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Yolo8726 Third Street Improvements, CIP No. 816404/12/12
Yolo8727 East Main Street Improvements04/12/12
Yuba0366D37611Feather River Boulevard/SR 70 Interchange04/12/12
Yuba0L41 Planning, Programming and Monitoring06/18/13
Yuba9679 North Beale Road Complete Streets Revitalization Phase 104/12/12
Yuba9680 Powerline Road Safe Routes to Schools Phase 304/12/12