California Department of Transportation

Office of Capital Improvement Programming (OCIP)

AB 608 Request Procedure

What projects qualify for AB 608

  • AB 608 state law that allows, at CTC discretion, a return to share of the unused RIP or IIP allocations when the project award amount is less than 80% of the allocated amount. Any STIP project meeting this criteria is eligible.

How and when the requests are submitted

  • Requests should be submitted by the sponsor to HQ budgets with copy to HQ programming. The request should be submitted for CTC action no later than three months after the award date. Consult the CTC meeting preparation schedule for the appropriate cutoff date deadlines.

What should be included in the request

  • Letter of concurrence from the Regions and/or the District and a completed AB 608 Project Information Form. The form includes dates and dollars for the following:
    • Allocation
    • Engineers Estimate
    • Award amount
    • Project cost as a Percentage of allocation
    • Allocation to be returned
    • List of Bid items and $ saved for the items most responsible for the low bid.
    • Number of bidders and overall consistency of the bids submitted.

What will be prepared by HQ Programming and HQ Budgets

  • A vote box and book item will be prepared for presentation to the CTC.

General information

  • When comparing engineers estimate (allocation) with award amount to determine the percentage savings, please be sure to include award bid items plus supplemental work, state furnish materials, and contingencies.

Please Note

  • The CTC allocation and engineers estimate included all construction costs including bid items, supplemental work, state furnished materials, and contingencies.
  • The Contract award amount only includes contractor bid items.