California Department of Transportation

Planning Horizons


The Workforce Development Branch coordinates an educational forum every other month (as well as adding occasional special sessions) called Planning Horizons. Speakers for this forum are selected from both within Caltrans and the Planning community.

If you would like to submit a comment, make a suggestion for future topics, or would like your name added to the mailing list for future Planning Horizons notices, please contact Diane Falls.


Session time is 10:00 – 11:30, unless otherwise stated.

Library of Past Planning Horizons Sessions





December 2016 CANCELED  
November 2016 STPI, District Wide Perspective
STPI Presentation
SDI Presentataion
Christian Bushong, DOTP, Office of State Planning
Harold Feinberg, DRISI
October 2016 CANCELED  
September 2016 What Planners Need to Know About Automated Vehicles
David Ory Presentation
Giovanni Circella
Mark Jensen
Cambridge Systematics, others TBD
August 2016 Managed Lanes
Managed Lanes 101 Presentation
Metro Expresslanes -D7 Presentation
San Diego HOV/Managed Lane Presentation
Joseph Rouse
August 2016 TRB 750 series
Foresight Presentation
Foresight Video
Lori Sundstrom
July 2016 VMT Fees Program
San Francisco Presentation Pasadena Presentation
City of San Francisco, City of Pasadena
June 2016 High Speed Rail
Rail Plan Presentation
Making the Most of High Speed Rail in California; Lessons from France and Germany
Panel, FTA, HSR, Caltrans DRMT
May 2016 Mobility of Millenials
Giovanni Circella, UC Davis
April 2016 CANCELED  
March 2016 CTP 2040
Chris Ratekin, Chief, Office of State Planning
February 2016 TrendLab+
Presenter Graphic
Matt Haynes, Principal, Fehr & Peers
January 2016

Measuring Land Use Performance: Policy, Plan and Outcome

Gian-Claudia Sciara, Urban Land Use and Transportation Center, UC Davis
November 2015

Future of Passenger Travel Demand in the US

Giovanni Circella, UC Davis
October 2015

Wildlife Connectivity

Amy Golden, James Henke, Office of Biological Studies
September 2015

Density and Development Supporting Transit and Livable Communities


Linda Wheaton, Housing and Community Development

Featured Panelists: Allison Albericci, Elizabeth Seifel, Eve Stewart

August 2015

SB 743



Close Captioned Translation

Ron Milam, Fehr and Peers
June 2015 Updating Transportation Metrics in CEQA and Beyond

Chris Ganson, Senior Planner, Governor's Office of Planning and Research
April 2015 Strategies for Transitioning to Low Carbon Emission Freight Lew Fulton, Co-Director, NextSteps, Institute of Transportation Studies, UC Davis
February 2015
Smart Mobility Framework An Implementation Pilot Study
Sustainable Community Planning Branch
January 28, 2014 Sustainability Dr. Steven Cliff, Caltrans Sustainability Assistant Director
December 10, 2014
Sacramento Region's New Connect
Transit Card
Lacey Symons-Holtzen, SACOG's Connect Transit Program Manager
November 2014
Division of Research, Innovation, and
System Information
Coco Briseno, Chief, Division of Research, Innovation, and System Information (DRISI)
October 29, 2014 California Transportation Commission Andre Boutros, Executive Director, CTC
September 29, 2014
Landscape Architecture Keith Robinson, Division of Design, Landscape Architecture
August 27, 2014 NACTO Guidelines Tim Craggs, Chief, Caltrans Division of Design with panelists Katie Benouar, Division Chief of Transportation Planning and Sean Nozzari, Acting Division Chief, Traffic Operations
July 30, 2014 Planning for Sustainability Kate White, Deputy Secretary of Environmental Policy and Housing Coordination, CalSTA