California Department of Transportation

Transportation/Freight Modeling & Data Branch


The California Department of Transportation, Transportation/Freight Modeling and Data Branch in the Division of Transportation Planning (DOTP), Office of Travel Forecasting and Analysis, is located in Sacramento Headquarters at MS #38.

This Branch is responsible for maintaining and supporting transportation modeling software packages including Caliper's TransCad and TransModeler, Citilabs Cube, INRO Dynameq, McTrans Corsim, HCS+ and Dynasmart-P, PTV America Vision Suite, and Quadstone Paramics in order to meet the needs of Headquarters' and district transportation modeling staff.

An additional service we provide to the public sector is Web-Based Training for Transportation Modeling. Unfortunately, this service is not currently offered to the private sector. The training modules include travel demand modeling, mesoscopic, and microscopic traffic simulation modeling.

This Branch is also responsible for providing our customers with freight data as well as developing the California Statewide Freight Forecasting Model (CSFFM) which is anticipated to be completed in the Summer of 2013.

Contact Info

For questions regarding the California Statewide Travel Demand Model, please contact Sarah Chesebro
at (916) 654-3330 or email Sarah.

For questions regarding the California Statewide Freight Forecasting Model, please contact Kalin Pacheco
at (916) 654-6943 or Diane Jacobs at (213) 897-9626.

For questions regarding Web-Based Training, please contact Diane Jacobs at (213) 897-9626
or Kalin Pacheco at (916) 654-6943.