California Department of Transportation

Office of State Planning


The Office of State Planning (OSP) builds and maintains partnerships within the Department and with other governmental agencies and the private sector to ensure a safe, sustainable, and efficient transportation system that achieves the three Es:

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Quality Environment and
  • Social Equity.

California Transportation Plan

The Office of State Planning facilitates the development and preparation of the long-range California Transportation Plan (CTP) required by federal and State law. The CTP provides a common framework for guiding transportation decisions and investments by all levels of government and the private sector. Federal law and state law require the development and preparation of a state transportation plan. OSP also provides analysis and policy recommendations regarding current transportation issues and future trends.

California Interregional Blueprint

OSP is expanding the State's transportation planning process to include the development of a state level transportation blueprint focused on interregional travel needs. The California Interregional Blueprint (CIB) will articulate the State's vision using Geographic Information Service (GIS) and modeling tools for an integrated, multimodal transportation system. This system will complement regional transportation plans and land use visions. The CIB when fully developed will become the foundation for the CTP.

Caltrans Earth & CTIS

Caltrans Earth (CT Earth) is a web-based, California-focused 3D virtual globe that visually brings together the vast amount of transportation and land use information compiled through the California Interregional Blueprint. CT Earth helps Caltrans, other state agencies, and the public to make better decisions about our transportation system. CT Earth complements and augments existing GIS tools, including the California Transportation Investment System (CTIS) tool. This GIS tool displays transportation projects planned and programmed on California's multi-modal transportation system (including highway, local, rail, aviation, transit, bicycle and pedestrian) over the next 20 years.

Economic Analysis Branch

Part of OSP, the Economic Analysis Branch, provides transportation decision makers with expert economic and financial research, analysis, and information to ensure the productive and efficient use of public resources.



Chris Ratekin is the Acting Office Chief for the Office of State Planning.