California Department of Transportation

Statewide Transportation Projects Inventory (STPI) 2014-15


In December of 1998, a first step in the update of the California Transportation Plan, a team comprised of Department staff and regional agency partners identified the need to integrate existing long-range plans of both the State and regional transportation planning agencies by creating a map, using GIS software, of the current and resulting transportation system.

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provided suggestions on tool design and data collection process. The TAC was comprised of Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) representatives and District staff, as well as representatives from Headquarters’ programs within the Department. A Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) provided overall project direction and scope, and included RTPA Executive Directors and Department management.

In January of 2001, the first version (v1.1) of the CTIS GIS Tool was released. The Tool was programmed using ESRI’s GIS ArcView 2.0 desktop application and Avenue programming language. The Tool used existing GIS base data, and customized tools and buttons to obtain information about the planned and programmed transportation projects. Version 2.0, still based on the ArcView 3x platform, was completed in November of 2006. The update included technical enhancements, a streamlined interface, and updated datasets. With the development of ArcGIS, the "Views" from ArcView were imported into individual ArcGIS MXD files for use in ArcGIS. Individual GIS shapefiles of the CTIS datasets and layer files, in addition to documentation, are available for download.

Future - 2014 Statewide Transportation Projects Inventory (STPI)

STPI is the updated geospatial multimodal transportation project data repository that will be available online in late 2014.  STPI layers will be part of Caltrans Earth, and you will be able to download the data for your GIS software.  STPI will be accessible through Caltrans web-based Caltrans Earth , and you will be able to download STPI at Caltrans Earth Layers in late 2014,  and the GIS data library

STPI facilitates the exchange of partnering regional transportation agencies planned and programmed projects that envision the future of California’s transportation system.  These georeferenced data will be accessible and available to the public for sharing and viewing in ArcGIS and Google Earth formats.  In the future, STPI will be available as an  open-source data upload from Caltrans and the partnering regional transportation agencies updates their regional transportation plan’s multimodal transportation projects.