California Department of Transportation

California Transportation Investment System (CTIS)


Using GIS software, CTIS displays the transportation system along with future projects. It shows where transportation investment is currently underway (programmed) and where it will be (planned) over the next 20 years. Included in the dataset are highway, local, rail, airport, bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and Proposition 1B projects at both the State and regional levels. Base layer and existing transportation system datasets are also provided.

CTIS’s sketch-level datasets can assist transportation planners and professionals to see project locations relative to other geographic features. The datasets have been useful to identify and assess gaps, overlaps, and inconsistencies in planned transportation projects, in addition to environmental analyses with endangered species and species of special concern. The dataset also provides opportunities to improve timing and coordination of projects. Existing transportation facility datasets are bundled with the downloadable files.





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