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2016 RTP Guidelines Update

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Guidelines are undergoing an update process that is scheduled to occur from July through November 2016.  The California Transportation Commission anticipates consideration of the Final RTP Guidelines in December 2016 – January 2017.  Below is a detailed timeline for the update process. 

The RTP Guidelines are being updated in tandem with the development of the California Transportation Plan Guidelines.  Click here for information about the CTP Guidelines process.

Interested RTP Workgroup participants whom would like to partake in the RTP Guidelines update process should submit an email to: The email should state the workgroup of interest, listed below by topical area:

  • Public Health, Equity and Active Transportation
  • Sustainable Community Strategy/Alternative Planning Strategy
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Modeling
  • Freight
  • Senate Bill 743 (Chapter 386, Statutes of 2013)
  • Other policy areas as needed

RTP Workgroups will met during the months of July and August and will require a considerable time commitment on behalf of all participants.  Tentative meeting dates for workgroups are being scheduled for July 13-14 and will be approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours in duration for each topical area.  Workgroups could potentially meet a second time in July/August, depending on the subject matter and resolution of any comments/revisions for the RTP Guidelines. 

Estimated 2016 RTP Guidelines Update Timeline

  • June 30 – RTP/CTP Guidelines Kickoff Meeting in Sacramento (Click here for more information)
  • Late June/Early July – Release 1st Draft (30-day comment period begins)
  • July/August – Workgroup Meetings Occur
  • August 1 – Workgroup Comments Due to Caltrans
  • August 17/18th – CTC Informational Hearing in San Diego (Caltrans presents status update on first draft and comments)
  • September – Release Final Draft RTP Guidelines and Workgroup Meetings Occur, if Needed
  • October 19/20th – CTC Informational Hearing in San Jose (Caltrans presents status update on final draft)
  • Late October – November 1 – Workgroup Meetings Occur, if Needed
  • November – Caltrans finalizes RTP Guidelines
  • December 2016/January 2017 – CTC Considers Final 2016 RTP Guidelines

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