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2017 RTP Guidelines Update

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Guidelines were updated with stakeholder input over a 6-month period, from July through December 2016.  Two drafts were released for public comment in July and September and nearly 1000 comments were logged.  Initial RTP Workgroups were held on July 13-14 in Sacramento and on August 11th in Los Angeles.  Workgroups met several more times from October through December for further resolution of comments/revisions.  During this time, two final working drafts were shared with the workgroups in November and January for final resolution of comments. The update process concluded on January 18, 2017, when the California Transportation Commission (CTC) adopted the 2017 RTP Guidelines.

2017 RTP Guidelines
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2017 RTP Guidelines for MPOs

2017 RTP Guidelines for RTPAs

2010 RTP Guidelines & 2015 Regional Planning Handbook

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Draft RTP and EIR Circulation Contacts

Draft RTP Review Circulation Contacts:

Division of Aeronautics, Attn: Ron Bolyard, Office of Aviation Planning

Division of Transportation Planning

Draft Environmental Document Circulation Contacts:

  • Division of Transportation Planning
  • Division of Environmental Analysis, Attn: Jennifer Heichel, Office of Environmental Management
  • High Speed Rail Authority, Attn: Stuart Mori

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