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Climate Change Director's Policy

On June 22, 2012, we developed a new Director's Policy on climate change to set the tone for future direction on climate change within the Department.

Addressing Climate Change Adaptation in Regional Transportation Plans: A Guide for California MPOs and RTPAs

This document provides a methodology for regional transportation agencies - Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Regional Transportation Planning Associations (RTPAs) - to address climate change within their Regional Transportation Plans (RTPs). The manual contains background on the science of climate change and the associated extreme weather's potential impact on transportation infrastructure, best practices in planning for extreme weather, and a five-step process for identifying and addressing potential risks to MPO's and RTPA's transportation infrastructure due to more frequent extreme weather events.

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Guidance for Incorporating Sea Level Rise in the Project Initiation Document Process

The Caltrans Divisions of Environmental Analysis, Design and Transportation Planning have developed a guidance document for incorporating sea level rise into the project planning process. The documents include a technical guidance for the engineering design and a planning level document to determine what projects should consider sea level rise.

Both documents will be updated to include the sea level rise projections from the National Academies of Sciences study (above).

This guidance begins to incorporate sea level rise into the planning and design of projects vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise. The guidance provides sea level rise assumptions for the state along with criteria for determining when sea level rise should be incorporated into projects.




Program Contacts

Reza Navai
Assistant Division Chief
(916) 654-3330
Tracey Frost
Chief, Office of Smart Mobility and Climate Change
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Julia Biggar
Senior Transportation Planner
(916) 654-6344
Dillon Miner
Associate Transportation Planner
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