California Department of Transportation

Policy & Guidance

Project Development / PIDs Guidance

This guidance begins to incorporate sea level rise into the planning and design of projects vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise. The guidance provides sea level rise assumptions for the state along with criteria for determining when sea level rise should be incorporated into projects. [PDF]

Climate Change Director's Policy

On June 22, 2012, we developed a new Director's Policy on climate change to set the tone for future direction on climate change within the Department.


Program Contacts

Garth Hopkins, Chief
Office of Regional & Interagency Planning
(916) 654-8175
La Nae Van Valen
Senior Transportation Planner
(916) 657-4458
Julia Biggar
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 654-6344
Susan Ejlalmaneshan
Transportation Planner
(916) 653-3362
Dillon Miner
Transportation Planner
(916) 653-4287
Kimberly Johnston-Dodds
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 651-6527